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1841 Census

At Haregill in 1841, lived farmer James Espiner and wife. The Espiner family had been one of Redmire's oldest established, appearing in the registers of St. Mary's in the first decade of the 1700s.

Name Age Occupation Birthplace
ESPINER James 30 Farmer Yks
ESPINER Elizabeth 35 Yks
JUDSON Eleanor 65 Independent Yks
WARRINER Mary 15 F. Servant Yks
HUNTER John 14 M. Servant Yks

James had been baptized 7 Apr 1811 son of George and Elizabeth. Elizabeth Espiner is unknown. Apart from the baptism of John, son of James and Elizabeth, in 1844, the Espiners disappear from Redmire at this time. They do however, have a relationship via Eleanor Judson ().
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Farrar, Farriar, FarrowTopEllertonEspiner