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Farrar, Farriar, Farrow

Farrar, Farriar and Farrow are all variants of the same name: the people here are all from Farrar stock, but the census and in some cases the church records record the names differently.

1841 Census

Name Age Occupation Birthplace
FARROW William 65 Agricultural Labourer Yks
FARROW Mary 60 Yks
FARROW John 15 Yks

William Farrar married Mary Wensley 13 December 1802. Mary was the daughter of Jeffrey Wensley and Mary Watkins, born December 18 1781 and baptized in Redmire 30 January 1782. William and Mary had several children including John:
  1. William: baptized 1 January 1815
  2. Bella: baptized 22 June 1817
  3. John: baptized 12 February 1821, buried 1 January 1822
  4. John: baptized 24 May 1825

1851 Census

William Farrar was buried in Redmire 21 April 1845, aged 69 years. In the 1851 census, his widow Mary is living with her brother Thomas:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
WENSLEY Thomas Head, Widower 64 Lead Miner Redmire
FARRIAR Mary Sister, Widow 69 Redmire
WENSLEY Catharine Daughter, Unmarried 27 Redmire
WENSLEY Mary I.B. Granddaughter 1 London, MDX
WENSLEY Charlotte Granddaughter 10 Leeds

William and Mary's son John is now married and living at Hare Gill House:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
FARRAR John Head 25 Lead Miner Redmire
FARRAR Ann Wife 24 Schoolmistress Spennithorne
FARRAR William Son 6m Redmire

John and Ann had two children prior to 1851:
  1. Mary: baptized 13 May 1849, buried 4 December 1849
  2. William: baptized 29 September 1850

Ann is unknown.

1861 Census

By 1861, John's family welcomes three more children:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
FARROW John Head, Married 36 Leadminer Redmire
FARROW Ann Wife, Married 34 Spennithorne
FARROW William Son 10 Scholar Redmire
FARROW Christopher Son 5 Scholar Redmire
FARROW John Son 3 Redmire
FARROW Mary Ann Daughter 1 Redmire
LONGSTAFF Robert Boarder, Unmarried 22 Butcher Starbotton

Their new children are:
  1. Christopher: baptized 24 September 1855
  2. John: baptized 30 August 1857
  3. Mary Ann: baptized 25 September 1859

John's brother William, and his sons are living with their (grand) mother Mary:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
FARRAR Mary Head, Widow 79 Redmire
FARRAR William Son, Unmarried 45 Leadminer Redmire
FARRAR George Grandson, Unmarried 20 Leadminer Leeds
FARRAR Thomas Grandson 12 Leadminer Leeds

In May 1863, George married Elizabeth Peacock, and had a son, William Farrar baptized 2 August 1863. Their next child, Jane Elizabeth, was born in Darlington in 1866: see the 1881 census with Elizabeth's parents.

1871 Census

Mary Farrow was buried 3 June 1868 aged 86. Her son William is now head of the household:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
FARRAR William Head, Married 55 Leadminer Redmire
FARRAR Elizabeth Wife, Married 54 Leeds
FARRAR Thomas Son, Unmarried 22 Leadminer Leeds
HALL William Grandson 11 Scholar Stockton

Elizabeth is William's second wife: he was listed as widower when he married Elizabeth Horn of Castle Bolton in February 1866.

John and Ann's family continued to expand in the last decade:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
FARRAR John Head, Married 45 Leadmminer Redmire
FARRAR Ann Wife, Married 44 Spenithorne
FARRAR William Son, Unmarried 20 Leadminer Redmire
FARRAR Mary Ann Daughter 11 Redmire
FARRAR Isabell Daughter 9 Redmire
FARRAR James Son 6 Redmire
FARRAR Fred Son 4 Redmire
FARRAR Reginald Son 1 Redmire
FARRAR Doro Bertha Daughter 7 mth Redmire
FARRAR John Son 13 Tailor Apprentice Redmire
ROBINSON Ann Visitor, Unmarried 34 Visitor Richmond

John and Ann's new children are:
  1. Anabella: baptized 27 February 1862
  2. James: baptized 18 September 1864
  3. Fred: baptized 26 August 1866
  4. Reginald: baptized 15 August 1869
  5. Dora Bertha: baptized 25 September 1870

1881 Census

Thomas, the son of William, married Elizabeth Horn 21 December 1873:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
FARRAR Thomas Head, Married 32 Leadminer Leeds
FARRAR Elizabeth Wife, Married 27 Leadminer's Wife Redmire
FARRAR Jane Elizabeth Daughter 5 Redmire
FARRAR William Son 4 Redmire
FARRAR Ellen Daughter 2 Redmire

Elizabeth's parentage is unknown.
  1. Jane Elizabeth: born 21 August 1875, baptized 20 September 1875 (Methodist)
  2. William: born 12 March 1877, baptized 25 March 1877 (Methodist)
  3. Ellen: baptized 12 January 1879

Jane Elizabeth Farrar, the daughter of George and Elizabeth, was living with Elizabeth's parents in 1881:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
PEACOCK Michael Head, Married 61 Lead Miner Castle Bolton
PEACOCK Ann Wife, Married 59 Bellerby
PEACOCK Michael Son, Unmarried 29 Rabbit Catcher (Game keeper) Redmire
PEACOCK Christopher Son, Unmarried 22 Lead Miner Redmire
FARRAR Jane Elizabeth Granddaughter, Unmarried 15 Darlington

William Farrar was buried 1 January 1879, aged 63, and his widow Elizabeth is now a shopkeeper:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
FARRAR Elizabeth Head, Widow 65 Shopkeeper Castle Bolton
RUSSELL Mary Ann Relative 12 Scholar Bellerby

John Farrar, the husband of Ann, was buried in Redmire 5 July 1879 aged 54. Ann and four of her children (James, Fred, Reginald, Dora) are living at 8 Bowlby Street at Houghton le Spring, near Darlington, in 1881.

1891 Census

The last Farrar to appear on the Redmire returns is Elizabeth, the widow of William.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
FARRAR Elizabeth Head, Widow 75 Retired Farmer Castle Bolton

Elizabeth was buried in Redmire 6 July 1898, aged 82.
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