This book started on the premise that all families in the dales are inter-related, and that therefore the study of one family (likely your own) will eventually lead you to many of the other families in the dales. After many years of genealogical research by the authors in Redmire and surrounding area, we have collected a significant quantity of sources and information relating to the families depicted here.

Often the most useful resource in 19th century genealogy, the census returns offer the key into all other resources. Where individuals of the same name are referenced in the parish register, one can disambiguate between families using the census. This occurs quite frequently in our research, where two couples with the same name are having children at the same time and assigning individuals to their respective families is the role of the census.

This book is not intended as a social history of the village, although we have included in places interesting anecdotes and tales of the individuals we describe. For social history, and background on village life in Redmire, the reader is referred to Isabelle McGregor's book "Redmire: A Patchwork of its History".

The book is organized with one chapter per family, with a section for each census on which that family appears from 1841 through to 1901. North Riding place names are unqualified--other counties are referenced using the Chapman county code.

Clearly, with an undertaking of this size there are undoutedly errors contained herein, and facts that would have been included if available. The authors welcome feedback, and hope that you find this a useful reference work for your research.

©2004 David W.J. Stringer-Calvert, Christine Amsden, Larraine Williams