The authors wish to express their gratitude to Ian Spensley, for his transcription of the Redmire parish register, and to Christine Amsden, for her transcription of many Dales census returns, including the Redmire returns used herein. Also to the Cleveland Family History Society, for their transcription work in the Redmire and Wensley churchyards, and to Bill Dinsdale for substantial contribution to the Dinsdale chapter.

The census extracts reproduced here are used with kind permission of the UK Public Record Office, custodian of the original documents. PRO references for the respective census years are:

1841: HO 107/1254
1851: HO 107/2379
1861: RG 9/3668
1871: RG 10/4869
1881: RG 11/4874
1891: RG 12/4031
1901: RG 13/4604

©2004 David W.J. Stringer-Calvert, Christine Amsden, Larraine Williams