1841 Census

The first Wensley family in 1841 is John and Rose:

Name Age Occupation Birthplace
WENSLEY John 55 Leadminer Yks
WENSLEY Rosey 55 Yks
WENSLEY Ann 15 Yks
WENSLEY Rosey 4 Yks

John was the son of Jeffrey Wensley and Mary, nee Watkins, born 2 February 1784 and baptized 9 May 1784 in Redmire. He married Rose Close 31 May 1809 in Redmire.

John and Rose had the following children baptized in Redmire:

  1. Jeffrey: baptized 22 November 1812, buried 10 May 1813
  2. Mary: baptized 3 July 1814
  3. John: baptized 18 December 1816
  4. Hannah: baptized 8 August 1818
  5. Rose: baptized 11 November 1821
  6. Ann: baptized 25 September 1824

Also in Redmire is John's brother, Thomas:

Name Age Occupation Birthplace
WENSLEY Thomas 50 Leadminer Yks
WENSLEY Ann 65 Yks

Thomas was born 10 October 1786, and swiftly baptized in Redmire 11 October 1786, the son of Jeffrey and Mary. Thomas first married Fanny Moor 15 November 1808. Fanny was born Frances Moore, 14 June 1785 and baptized in Redmire 22 June 1785, the daughter of John Moore and Frances nee Jaques. Frances was buried in Redmire 8 December 1823, aged 38.

Thomas subsequently married Ann Metcalfe, the Ann who appears on the census with him, 25 November 1824. Ann was buried in Redmire 27 April 1848, aged 72. Thomas and his first wife Fanny had the following children baptized in Redmire:

  1. Mary: baptized 24 September 1809
  2. John: baptized 22 September 1811
  3. Frances: baptized 15 March 1814
  4. Dorothy: baptized 3 February 1816
  5. Bella: baptized 12 June 1818
  6. Ann: baptized 5 October 1820
  7. Catherine: baptized 29 September 1822

1851 Census

Two new grandchildren appear with John's family in 1851:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
WENSLEY John Head 67 Lead Miner Redmire
WENSLEY Rose Wife 69 Grinton Parish
WENSLEY Ann Daughter, Unmarried 26 Redmire
WENSLEY Mary Ann Granddaughter 6 Redmire
WENSLEY Hannah Granddaughter 1m Redmire

Mary Ann was baptized 24 November 1844, illegitimate daughter of Rose. Hannah was baptized 13 May 1851, illegitimate daughter of Ann.

Thomas' family are also joined by a new granddaughter, and following the death of his second wife his sister Mary has moved in, also recently widowed:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
WENSLEY Thomas Head, Widower 64 Lead Miner Redmire
FARRIAR Mary Sister, Widow 69 Redmire
WENSLEY Catharine Daughter, Unmarried 27 Redmire
WENSLEY Mary I.B. Granddaughter 1 London, MDX
WENSLEY Charlotte Granddaughter 10 Leeds

Mary is the illegitimate daughter of Catharine. At the Leyburn Bastardy session March 1852, Catherine Wensley of Redmire appeared, claiming the father was John Brown of Grays Inn Rd, London, cabinet maker. Summons was not served on John.

1861 Census

John Wensley died and was buried at Redmire 27 October 1859. His widow Rose, and Ann's child Hannah are the only Wensley's in Redmire in 1861:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
WENSLEY Rose Head, Widow 78 Whitaside
WENSLEY Hannah Granddaughter 10 Scholar Redmire

1871 Census

Rose died shortly after the last census, buried in Redmire 13 December 1862. Hannah is in service with the Rider family:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
RIDER Henry Head, Married 47 Farmer, Innkeeper Redmire
RIDER Anna wife, Married 38 Bolton Castle
RIDER Joseph Henry Son 2 Redmire
RIDER Christiana Mary Daughter 1 Redmire
WENSLEY Hannah Servant, Unmarried 20 General Servant Redmire
HARKER Robert Servant, Unmarried 17 Farm Servant Castle Bolton

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