1861 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
WARRINER William Head, Married 77 Retired miner Redmire
WARRINER Mary Wife, Married 64 Redmire
WARRINER Robert Son, Unmarried 24 Lead Miner Redmire
WARRINER Ellen Daughter, Unmarried 18 Redmire
WATSON William visitor, Unmarried 25 Servant N.K

William has given us no clues as to who he is, with a birth place of "not known".

1901 Census

By 1901, some Watsons who know their birthplace have arrived in Redmire:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
WATSON William Head, Married 34 Coachman, Groom Thornton Dale
WATSON Elizabeth A. Wife, Married 35 West Hartlepool, DUR
PEDRICK Amelia M. Daughter 13 Northallerton
PEDRICK Thomas J. Son 12 Northallerton
WATSON Edith A. Daughter 7m Redmire

William ....

His wife, Elizabeth Ann (nee Moody) was the daughter of Thomas and Sarah Moody. In 1881, she is living with her parents in Northallerton High Street.

William and Elizabeth were married December quarter of 1898 (GRO marriage reference Northallerton 9d 1305), Elizabeth formerly being the wife of John William Pedrick, whom she married in the December quarter of 1886 (GRO marriage reference Northallerton 9d 1025).

Edith Annie Watson was baptized in Redmire 25 November 1900.

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