1851 Census

Henry Thompson heads the first Thompson family in 1851:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
THOMPSON Henry Head, Married 36 Shoemaker Bellerby
THOMPSON Mary Wife, Married 30 Castle Bolton
THOMPSON Francis Son 6 Scholar Redmire
THOMPSON Joseph Son 5 Scholar Redmire
THOMPSON Richard Son 2 Redmire
THOMPSON Joseph Apprentice, Unmarried 20 Shoemaker's Apprentice Bellerby
STOREY William Apprentice, Unmarried 17 Shoemaker's Apprentice Castle Bolton

Henry Thompson was the son of Joseph Thompson and Elizabeth, baptized 16 June 1815 in Spennithorne. He first married Isabella Plews in December 1837. They had a daughter, Isabella, baptized in Redmire 19 November 1838 and buried 3 October 1841. Henry's first wife Isabella was buried 25 March 1840 in Redmire, aged 24.

In July 1843, Henry married Mary Fawcett. Their children to date are:

  1. Francis: baptized 7 July 1844
  2. Joseph: baptized 19 April 1846
  3. Richard: baptized 10 September 1848

Living with Henry as apprentice is Joseph Thompson, who was baptized 19 December 1830 in Spennithorne, son of Joseph Thompson and Jane, nee (XX - Plues???).

1861 Census

John Thompson starts us off for 1861:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
HESLOP Rebeckah Head, Widow 64 Farmer 10 acres Nidderdale
HORN Ralph s-in-law, Married 25 Game Watcher Castle Bolton
HORN Alice Daughter, Married 23 Castle Bolton
HORN Margaret Granddaughter 1 Redmire
HORN Christopher lodger, Married 26 joiner Castle Bolton
HORN Jane d-in-law, Married 25 Carperby
HORN William Grandson 1 Redmire
HORN Anthony T. Grandson 6m Redmire
THOMPSON John lodger, Unmarried 15 joiner Aysgarth

John was the son of Anthony and Rachel of Aysgarth. He can be seen with his family in Aysgarth 1851 census.

Next Alice, visiting the Dinsdales:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
DINSDALE Mary Head, Widow 63 Redmire
DINSDALE John Son, Married 21 Leadminer Thoralby
DINSDALE Hannah Daughter in Law, Married 20 Burtersetts
DINSDALE Ellen Granddaughter 2m Redmire
THOMPSON Alice Visitor, Unmarried 35 Burtersetts

Finally, Henry's family is growing at the Swan:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
THOMPSON Henry Head, Married 46 Boot, Shoe Maker Bellerby
THOMPSON Mary Wife, Married 40 Castle Bolton
THOMPSON Francis Son, Unmarried 16 Boot, Shoe Maker Redmire
THOMPSON Joseph Son, Unmarried 15 Boot, Shoe Maker Redmire
THOMPSON Richard Son 12 Dresser of Lead Ore Redmire
THOMPSON Ann Daughter 9 Scholar Redmire
THOMPSON Elizabeth Daughter 7 Scholar Redmire
THOMPSON Jane Daughter 3 Scholar Swan
THOMPSON Mary Daughter 1m Swan
JONES Francis Nephew, Unmarried 17 Stonemason Bellerby

Henry and Mary's children since 1851 are:
  1. Ann: baptized 23 June 1851
  2. Elizabeth: baptized 4 June 1854
  3. Henry: baptized 21 September 1856, died 26 September 1856 (aged 6 weeks), buried 28 September 1856
  4. Jane: baptized 19 May 1858
  5. Mary: baptized 14 March 1861

Francis Jones is Henry's nephew by his sister, Mary Ann Thompson.

1871 Census

Mary died 15 May 1869, and was buried in Redmire 18 May 1869, leaving Henry a widower:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
THOMPSON Henry Head, Widower 56 Cordwainer Bellerby
THOMPSON Richard Son, Unmarried 22 Cordwainer Redmire
THOMPSON Ann Daughter, Unmarried 19 Housekeeper Redmire
THOMPSON Mary Daughter 10 Scholar Redmire
CARLTON John Journeyman, Unmarried 25 Cordwainer Darlington, DUR

Tragedy continued to strike after the census, and we see no more of this family in Redmire. The following memorial inscription from the Redmire churchyard gives insight:

In memory of Mary beloved wife of Henry Thompson who died 15 May 1869 aged 48 years. Also Henry their son who died 26 September 1856 aged 6 weeks. Also Francis their son who died 21 November 1871 aged 27 years. Also Joseph their son who died 12 December 1871 aged 25 years. Also Richard their son who died 16 January 1872 aged 23 years.

Their burials were held 18 Mary 1869 (Mary), 22 November 1871 (Francis), 12 December 1871 (Joseph), 11 January 1872 (Richard).

Richard was also in trouble in another way during this period. In the Leyburn bastardy sessions of 25 November 1870, adjourned to 30 December 1870, Mary Horner of Redmire named Richard Thompson, shoemaker of Redmire, as the father.

Henry and Mary's daughter Ann married Ralph Peacock, January 1873, and remained in the village. She can be seen in 1881 in the Peacock chapter.

1891 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
THOMPSON Elizabeth Head, Widow 36 Innkeeper, Farmer Redmire
THOMPSON John Son 8 Aysgarth
LAMBERT William Servant, Unmarried 20 Farm Servant Gammersgill
POLAND Mary Ann Servant, Unmarried 19 General Servant Domestic Bedale

Elizabeth Thompson was born Elizabeth Calvert, the daughter of Alexander Calvert and Mary, nee Wood, baptized in Redmire 15 April 1855. On 18 January 1882, at Aysgarth, she married Michael Thompson, the son of Christopher Thompson and Alice Moor.
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