1861 Census

The first THeakston is Anne, visiting the Ryder family:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
RYDER John Head, Married 39 Clerk for Township & P.O Redmire
RYDER Ann wife, Married 50 Redmire
RYDER Christiana M. Daughter 7m Redmire
THEAKSTON Anne Visitor 13 Leyburn

Anne is the daughter of John and Elizabeth, baptized 14 May 1848 at Wensley. In 1851 you can see her living with her family in Leyburn.

1881 Census

Another Theakstone appears in Redmire in 1881:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
LAMBERT Jane Head, Widow 71 Farmer of 6 Acres Castle Bolton
LAMBERT Matthew Son, Unmarried 49 Labourer Redmire
LAMBERT Alice Granddaughter, Unmarried 21 Domestic Servant Redmire
THEAKSTONE Agnes Granddaughter 9 Scholar Middleham

1901 Census

Yet another different pair of Theakston's appear in 1901:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
RUECROFT Elizabeth Head, Married 67 Sub-postmaster and Grocer Redmire
THEAKSTON Elizabeth Granddaughter, Unmarried 21 Telegraph Clerk Leyburn
THEAKSTON Jessie Granddaughter, Unmarried 19 Dressmaker Leyburn

Elizabeth is the daughter of John and Mary Theakston (nee Smithson). In 1881 Elizabeth is living at Theakstone's Yard in Leyburn Market Place, and in 1891 both are with their parents on Penhill Terrace in Leyburn.

Elizabeth is buried in Redmire: "In loving memory of Elizabeth eldest daughter of the late John and Mary Theakston of Leyburn born 11 February 1880 died 26 February 1917. Also Annie their daughter born 19 March 1888 died 14 May 1929."

Their brother John is also buried in Redmire: "In loving memory of John Theakston of Redmire who died 20 February 1948 aged 63 years."

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