1851 Census

There are no Smithson's in the 1841 census. The family appears to have started here by the Joseph, coming over from Swaledale with his children:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
SMITHSON Joseph Head 41 Leadminer Gunnerside
SMITHSON Jane Wife 33 Redmire
SMITHSON Mary Daughter 12 Feetham
SMITHSON John Son 11 Leadminer Feetham

Joseph Smithson first married Mary Parkin, 26 December 1837 in Grinton, the mother of the above Mary and John. Mary must have died, and Joseph moved to Redmire and in January 1851 married Jane Storey, whom we see above.

1861 Census

Another Smithson, Samuel, had arrived in the 1850s from Swaledale, and in November 1856 married Hannah Bearpark, the granddaughter of Henry Bearpark, seen on the 1851 census. In 1861, they're lodging with Isabella Peacock:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
PEACOCK Isabella Head, Unmarried 83 Redmire
SMITHSON Samuel Lodger, Married 29 Leadminer Feetham
SMITHSON Hannah Lodger's Wife, Married 22 Manchester, LAN

Samuel was the son of John Smithson and Mary (nee Blenkiron), baptized at Low Row 7 June 1832.

Yet another Swaledale import was James:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
SMITHSON James Head, Married 34 Game Watcher Reeth
SMITHSON Elizabeth Wife, Married 27 Redmire
PATTINSON Mary A. Daughter in Law 9 Scholar Redmire
SMITHSON Mary Daughter 5 Scholar Redmire
SMITHSON Jane Daughter 3 Redmire
SMITHSON Elizabeth Daughter 2m Redmire

Age 9 is a bit young for daughter in law--it is assumed the enumerator (or the family) meant step-daughter. Mary Ann Pattinson was baptized 11 November 1851, daughter of Elizabeth, with no father listed. It is presumed therefore that Elizabeth is nee Pattinson, the daughter of Richard and Ann (nee Horn) baptized 30 September 1833 in Redmire.

The Smithson children are (the last two baptized at the Methodist chapel) are:

  1. Mary: baptized 23 September 1855
  2. Jane: died 2 February 1857, aged 8 days (no baptism found), buried 3 February 1857
  3. Jane: born 7 January 1858, baptized 25 December 1858
  4. John: born 24 December 1859, baptized 19 January 1860, died 20 January 1860, buried 22 January 1860

Our original Smithson immigrant is still in the village, although his wife Jane was buried 3 February 1857 and he is now a widower:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
SMITHSON Joseph Head, Widower 51 Leadminer Grinton
SMITHSON Mary Daughter, Unmarried 20 Housekeeper Grinton
SMITHSON John Son, Unmarried 19 Leadminer Grinton
PARKIN Jane Servant, Unmarried 16 House Servant Grinton

The servant Jane is probably a relation via Joseph's first wife, Mary Parkin.

1871 Census

Only one Smithson family is listed in the 1871 census, headed by Hannah, the widow of Samuel:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
SMITHSON Hannah Head, Widow 30 Glass, China Dealer Redmire
SMITHSON Isabella Daughter 7 Scholar Redmire

Samuel was buried in Redmire, 25 February 1865 aged 32. They had two children, including Isabella above, baptized at the Methodist chapel:
  1. John: born 6 May 1861, baptized 9 June 1860
  2. Isabella: born 14 May 1863, baptized 18 June 1863
No record can be found of the son John, either living elsewhere or having died.

The two children of our original Smithson immigrant Joseph have both married in the 1860s. Mary married John Stringer-Calvert (son of John Stringer-Calvert and Mary Craddock) on 5 July 1862 and is living in the village in 1871. John Smithson married Elizabeth Peacock (daughter of Anthony Peacock and Ann Walker) in April 1866, and was probably living in West Witton in 1871, given the birthplace of his children in the 1881 census.

1881 Census

James Smithson died shortly before the census, on 6 September 1880 and was buried in Redmire 8 September. Where they were in 1871 is unknown, but by 1881 his widow Elizabeth is back in the village:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
SMITHSON Elizabeth Head, Widow 47 Dress Maker and Post Office Redmire
SMITHSON Jane Daughter, Unmarried 23 Dress Maker and Post Office Redmire
SMITHSON Elizabeth Daughter, Unmarried 20 Dress Maker and Post Office Redmire

Elizabeth remarried in 1882 to James Ruecroft, and can be seen with James on the 1891 census.

The family is buried in Redmire: "In memory of Jane infant daughter of James and Elizabeth Smithson died 2 February 1857 aged 8 days. Also John their son died 20 January 1860 aged 1 month. Also the above James Smithson died 6 September 1880 aged 53 years. Also Elizabeth relict of the above died 21 January 1906 aged 72 years. Also of Mary Theakston their daughter who died 29 April 1914 aged 59 years."

Hannah and Isabella are still in the village, Hannah having changed trade from dealing in glass and china to groceries.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
SMITHSON Hannah Head, Widow 42 Grocer Redmire
SMITHSON Isabella Daughter, Unmarried 17 Redmire
FIRTH Lucy Lodger, Unmarried 35 Teacher Norwich, NFK

Hannah died a few years after the census and was buried in Redmire 6 September 1883.

John, the son of our original Joseph, has returned to Redmire, with his wife and daughter:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
SMITHSON John Head, Married 41 Unemployed Leadminer Feetham
SMITHSON Elizabeth Wife, Married 37 Leadminer's Wife Redmire
SMITHSON Mary Daughter 14 Scholar West Witton
PEACOCK William Lodger, Unmarried 30 Tailor Redmire

John and Elizabeth had two children:
  1. Mary:
  2. John: born 28 August 1869, baptized 14 October 1869, died 31 July 1872

1891 Census

Only John and Elizabeth's family appear in 1891, John having found another trade after the decline of leadmining put him out of work:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
SMITHSON John Head, Married 51 Road Contractor Feetham
SMITHSON Elizabeth Wife, Married 47 Redmire
SMITHSON Mary Daughter, Unmarried 24 Redmire
SMITHSON Mary Granddaughter 9 days Redmire

The younger Mary is an illegitimate daughter of Mary, presumably by James Renton Yates. Given her precise age of 9 days on census night (Sunday, April 5th) Mary was born 26 March 1891, and her mother married James Renton Yates on 10 May 1891, shortly followed by the baptism of young Mary as Mary Renton Smithson on 31 May 1891.

1901 Census

James Renton Yates and Mary Smithson started quite a large family since 1891. See the Yates chapter for more details on this family.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
YATES James R. Head, Married 33 General Labourer, Worker Addingham
YATES Mary Wife, Married 34 West Witton
SMITHSON Mary Daughter 10 Redmire
YATES Tom Son 6 Redmire
YATES Alice Daughter 2 Redmire
YATES Margaret Daughter 6m Redmire
YATES Elizabeth Ann Daughter 5 Redmire

The Yates' in-laws were still living in the village as well:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
SMITHSON John Head, Married 61 Contractor for Road Repairing Melbeck
SMITHSON Elizabeth Wife, Married 57 Redmire

They family are buried in Redmire: "In loving memory of John Smithson of Redmire who died 11 December 1921 aged 82 years. Also Elizabeth his wife who died 28 July 1932 aged 88 years. Also Mary their daughter wife of J.R. Yates who died 10 February 1910 aged 42 years. Also John their son who died 31 July 1872 aged 3 years. Also his son in law J.R. Yates who died 27 May 1933 aged 65 years."
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