1861 Census

The first Smith family is headed by Francis in 1861:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
SMITH Francis Head, Married 39 Leadminer Castle Bolton
SMITH Mary Wife, Married 40 Harmby
SMITH John Son 7 Scholar Redmire
SMITH Christopher T. Son 2 Redmire

Francis was the son of John Smith, a woolcomber, and Ann (nee Smith) baptized in Castle Bolton 2 September 1821. At the time of his parents marriage, John was from Aysgarth.

On 26 June 1851, at Wensley, Francis married Mary Castling, the daughter of Christopher Castling and Mary. Mary Castling was baptized at Spennithorne, 14 May 1820.

Their children, baptized in Redmire are:

  1. John: baptized 24 September 1854
  2. Christopher Thomas: baptized 23 October 1859

1871 Census

By 1871, another Smith had moved to the village:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
PEACOCK Isabella Head, Widowed 70 dressmaker Redmire
PEACOCK Isabella Horner Daughter, Unmarried 26 dressmaker Redmire
PEACOCK George Grandson 6 Scholar Redmire
SMITH John s-in-law, Married 28 Coachman (visitor) Thirsk
SMITH Henriette Daughter, Married 24 Redmire
SMITH William Grandson 6 Scholar Redmire
SMITH John Thomas Grandson 4 Scholar Redmire
SMITH Mary Elizabeth Granddaughter 1 Hauxwell

John was the coachman at Bolton Hall.

He married Henrietta Peacock, the daughter of Thomas Peacock and Isabella, nee Horner. Henrietta was baptized 31 May 1846 in Redmire. John and Henrietta had the following children:

Next, we see Mary, now a widow:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
SMITH Mary Head, Widow 50 Dressmaker Spenithorn
SMITH John Son, Unmarried 17 Leadminer Redmire
SMITH Christopher Son 12 Scholar Redmire
SMITH Mary Ann Dorothy Elizabeth Daughter 6 Scholar Redmire

Francis Smith died 30 May 1866 aged 45 years. Since the last census, Francis and Mary had one last child, Mary Ann Dora Elizabeth, baptized at Redmire 21 May 1865.

1881 Census

John and Henrietta's family has enlarged since 1871:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
SMITH John Head, Married 38 Groom (Domestic) Thirsk
SMITH Henrietta Wife, Married 36 Groom's Wife Redmire
SMITH William Son, Unmarried 16 Leadminer Redmire
SMITH Mary Elizth. Daughter 11 Scholar Hauxwell
SMITH Leonard Homer Son 7 Scholar Redmire
SMITH George Edward Son 3 Redmire
COATS Mary Jane Nurse 16 Nurse Redmire

Their new children include some who died young:
  1. Isabella Horner: baptized 10 January 1872, died 19 January 1872
  2. Christiana Horner: baptized 20 March 1872, buried 29 March 1872
  3. Leonard Horner Peacock: baptized 28 September 1873
  4. George Edward Hodgson: baptized 23 September 1878

Nearby, Mary still lives with her daughter, who from her four forenames appears to have settled on her third name, Dorothy:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
SMITH Mary Head, Widow 59 Farmer 7 Acres Spennithorne
SMITH Dora Daughter, Unmarried 16 Redmire

1891 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
SMITH Mary Head, Widowed 70 Farmer Spenithorne
PEACOCK George Son, Married 38 General Labourer Redmire
PEACOCK Mary Ann d-in-law, Married 36 Redmire

This is the last time we see Mary on the census, as she died in 1900. Also, her children Mary and Christopher both died in 1883. Their family's memorial reads:

In loving memory of Francis Smith of Redmire who died 30 May 1866 aged 45 years. Also of Mary his widow who died 27 January 1900 aged 80 years. Also of Mary Ann Dora Eliz their daughter who died 17 April 1883 aged 18 years. Also of Christopher Thos their son who died 31 July 1883 aged 23 years.

John's wife Henrietta died within three hours of the birth of her child in 1886, and was buried at Redmire 17 July 1886, leaving John with their children:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
SMITH John Head, Widower 47 Stableman Thirsk
SMITH Mary E. Daughter, Unmarried 21 Housekeeper Hawkswell
SMITH George E. Son 13 Scholar Redmire
SMITH Frederick Son 10 Scholar Redmire
SMITH Annie I. Daughter 6 Scholar Redmire
SMITH Henrietta Daughter 4 Redmire

The recent additions to the family, baptized in Redmire are;
  1. Frederick: baptized 6 July 1881
  2. Annie Isabella: baptized 23 November 1884
  3. Henrietta: baptized 20 July 1886

A new Smith has arrived in Redmire, working on the railway:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
SMITH William Head, Married 26 Signalman Carlton
SMITH Elizabeth Wife, Married 24 Potto
SMITH Florence J. Daughter 1 Redmire

Their child was baptized Florence Jane Smith at Redmire 25 May 1890.

William and Elizabeth had two more children baptized in Redmire: Arthur (3 July 1895) and John William (11 March 1895). There are no Smiths on the 1901 census.

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