1861 Census

Following the 48 year term of Rev. John Calvert as incumbent of Redmire and Castle Bolton came William Whaley, and then in 1855 young Christian Abraham Manasseh Pauli was appointed by the Hon. Thomas Orde-Powlett. In 1861 he was lodging with the Craddock family:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
CRADOCK Anthony (6) Head, Married 58 Leadminer Redmire
CRADOCK Elizabeth (7) wife, Married 60 Bedale
CRADOCK William (9) Son, Unmarried 21 Leadminer Redmire
CRADOCK Jane (15) Daughter, Unmarried 18 Redmire
PAULI Christian Lodger, Unmarried 30 Curate of Bolton cum Redmire Oxford

Christian Pauli was born (according to his headstone) 2 June 1830, although nothing is known of his parentage.

1871 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
PAULI Christian Head, Married 40 Vicar of Bolton-cum-Redmire Oxford, OXF
PAULI Anne Wife, Married 32 St. Neots, HUN
PAULI Ellen Daughter 8 Scholar Redmire
PAULI Henry Son 6 Scholar Redmire
PAULI Robert Son 1 Redmire

Christian's wife is Anne Thwaite. She was born 21 August 1838, although nothing is known about her parents.

Christian and Ann's children up to 1871 are:

  1. Ellen Jane: baptized 4 August 1862
  2. Henry Christian: baptized 5 June 1864
  3. Charles George: baptized 25 January 1866, buried 27 January 1866
  4. Robert Gillman: baptized 20 April 1870

1881 Census

The Pauli household has grown by 1881, together with servants:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
PAULI Christian A. Head, Married 49 Vicar of Bolton & Redmire Oxford
PAULI Anne T. Wife, Married 42 Vicar's Wife St. Neots, HUN
PAULI Henry Son, Unmarried 16 Redmire
PAULI Robert G. Son 11 Redmire
PAULI Ada A. Daughter 7 Redmire
PAULI Catherine T. Daughter 3 Redmire
PAULI Amy Tomlinson Daughter 12 days Redmire
ALLINSON Anne Servant, Unmarried 19 Domestic Servant Arkengarthdale
TERRY Mary Nurse, Married 46 Nurse Thornton Rust

The new children are:
  1. Ada Annie: baptized 17 June 1874
  2. Mary Freeland: baptized 3 March 1876, buried 7 March 1876
  3. Catherine Freeland: baptized 16 April 1878

Catherine F. Pauli doesn't appear on the Redmire census after 1881. She is referenced in the obituary of her husband, George Graham, in The Times January 5 1949. She married George in 1915, the son of Michael Graham, born in Leeds in 1881. George was an accomplished artist, an early and regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy, and was deaf from birth.

1891 Census

In Bulmer's directory from 1890, we learn of Rev. Pauli's salary:

"The townships of Castle Bolton and Redmire now form a separate ecclesiastical district called Bolton-cum-Redmire. The living is a vicarage, worth £180 per annum, including 100 acres of glebe, in the gift of the rector of Wensley, and held by the Rev. Christian Abraham Manasseh Pauli, B.A., since 1856. The register dates from the year 1684."

Several of their children have now left home, but a final new arrival came in late 1881:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
PAULI Christian Head, Married 60 Clerk in Holy Orders Oxford, OXF
PAULI Anne Wife, Married 52 St. Neots, HUN
PAULI Robert Son, Unmarried 21 Scholar Redmire
PAULI Ada Daughter, Unmarried 17 Redmire
PAULI Florence Daughter 10 Redmire
STOREY Mary Servant, Unmarried 16 General Servant Castle Bolton

Florence Tomlinson Pauli was baptized 6 July 1881.

1901 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
PAULI Christian M. Head, Married 70 Clergyman (Church of England) Oxford, OXF
PAULI A.T. Wife, Married 62 St. Neots, HUN
PAULI Ellen J Daughter, Unmarried 38 Redmire
PAULI Robert G. Son, Unmarried 31 Brewer Worker Redmire
ROBINSON Eva Servant, Unmarried 19 General Servant Domestic West Witton

Rev. William Robinson took over as incumbent in 1905, and Rev. Pauli died shortly thereafter: "Blessed are the dead. Christian Abraham Pauli B.A. 49 years vicar of this parish born 2 June 1830 died 22 March 1906. Anne Thwaite wife of the above born 21 August 1838 died 26 March 1909. 2 infants Charles and Mary 1866 - 1876. Also Robert Gillman who died 11 March 1951 aged 81 years. Also Ellen Jane eldest daughter of the above who died 17 June 1927 aged 65 years."
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