1841 Census

Name Age Occupation Birthplace
PLEWS Christopher 65 Tailor Yks
THOMPSON Henry 25 Cordwainer Yks
THOMPSON Letitia 2 Yks
ALDERSON Mary 30 Female Servant Yks

Henry Thompson was baptized 16 June 1815 at Spennithorne, son of Joseph by Elizabeth. Henry first married Isabella Plews, December 1837, the above Letitia being Isabella Thompson, their child baptized 19 November 1838. Henry is a widower here, Isabella having being buried in Redmire 25 March 1840. Young Isabella died shortly after the census, buried in Redmire 3 October 1841.

1881 Census

There are no more Thompsons until the above Henry returns in 1881:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
THOMPSON Henry Head, Married 66 Farmer Bellerby
THOMPSON Hannah Wife, Married 55 Middleham
DINSDALE Jane Wife, Married 42 Shepherd's Wife Thornton Rust
DINSDALE Thomas Son 11 Scholar Castle Bolton
DINSDALE Jane Daughter 9 Scholar Castle Bolton
DINSDALE Christopher Son 3 Castle Bolton
DINSDALE James William Son 2m Castle Bolton
DINSDALE Margaret Niece 7 Scholar High Abbotside

After the death of Henry's first wife and child, Henry remarried in July 1843 to Mary Fawcett, with whom he had 8 children in Redmire, until Mary died, 15 May 1869.

Henry then married his third wife, Hannah, 25 July 1873 in Wensley. Hannah was the widow of Thomas Fawcett, who had been buried 9 July 1865. Hannah was born Hannah Bowe, daughter of Robert Bowe (plumber and glazier of Middleham) by Elizabeth. She was baptized 2 May 1823 in the Independent Chapel at Leyburn.

1891 Census

Henry, I believe, holds the Castle Bolton record for the number of marriages, as by 1891 he is seen with his fourth wife, Ann:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
THOMPSON Henry Head, Married 76 Farmer Bellerby
THOMPSON Ann Wife, Married 69 Redmire
ROBINSON Christopher Son in Law, Married 37 Farmer Preston
ROBINSON Elizabeth Daughter, Married 36 Redmire
ROBINSON Annie M. Granddaughter 14 West Witton
ROBINSON Eva Granddaughter 9 Scholar West Witton

Henry's third wife, Hannah, died 25 March 1886 and was buried in Redmire 30 March 1886.

Henry then married Ann 24 July 1887. Ann (also known as Nancy) seen above is the widow of Roger Horner. Ann was born Ann Constantine, baptized 4 August 1822 in Redmire, the daughter of Richard Constantine and Ann, nee Park. Ann was buried 26 December 1895, aged 75, making a fourth wife outlived.

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