1851 Census

The first Robinson in the village census is Ralph in 1851:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
ROBINSON Ralph Head, Married 71 Farmer 1200 Acres employing 4 men and 6 women Aysgarth Parish
BLAKE Thomas Servant, Unmarried 27 Farm Labourer West Witton
BELL Matthew Servant, Unmarried 24 Shepherd Aysgarth
HORN Mary Servant, Unmarried 46 House Servant Castle Bolton
ATKINSON Alice Servant, Unmarried 17 House Servant Aysgarth Parish
MORPETH James Servant, Unmarried 16 Farm Labourer WES

Ralph was baptized 18 July 1779 in Aysgarth, son of William of Edgley.

A large Robinson family is at Low Bolton:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
ROBINSON Nicholas Head 35 Farmer employing 2 men, 3 women Redmire
ROBINSON Mary Wife 28 Low Bolton
ROBINSON Jane E. Daughter 6 Scholar Downholme
ROBINSON Margaret M. Daughter 3 Downholme
ROBINSON William H. Son 6m Low Bolton
HESLOP John Father in Law, Widower 69 Formerly Farmer, Joint Castle Bolton
HESLOP Jeremiah Uncle, Unmarried 64 Formerly Farmer, Joint Castle Bolton
LAMBERT Elizabeth Servant, Unmarried 17 House Servant Askrigg
STOCKDALE Mary Servant 14 House Servant Redmire

Nicholas was baptized in Redmire, 21 January 1816, son of William and Elizabeth (nee Lunn). He married Mary Heslop, 10 February 1843 in Wensley, Mary being the daughter of John Heslop and Margaret (nee Lambert) baptized in Castle Bolton 30 June 1822. Their children are:
  1. Jane Elizabeth: baptized 12 June 1844 (Downholme)
  2. Margaret Mary: baptized 9 February 1848 (Downholme)
  3. William Henry: baptized 24 November 1850 (Castle Bolton)

1861 Census

A stray Robinson is in service at Castle Bank:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
HUTCHINSON Anthony Head, Widower 68 Farmer 3320 Acres employing 5 men, 1 boy Reeth
HUTCHINSON Robert Son, Unmarried 41 Reeth
DINSDALE Thomas Servant, Married 36 Shepherd Butersett
ROBINSON Dianah Servant, Unmarried 36 Housekeeper Hunton
ALDERSON Ann Servant, Unmarried 20 Dairymaid Reeth
WILKINSON John Servant, Unmarried 18 Ploughman Birmingham, Yks (?)
BURNETT John Servant, Unmarried 29 Shepherd Preston
METCALF Thomas Servant, Unmarried 14 Groom Downholme

Nothing is known of Dianah.

Nicholas is still farming at Low Bolton:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
ROBINSON Nicholas Head 45 Farmer 130 Acres Redmire
ROBINSON Mary Wife 38 Castle Bolton
ROBINSON Margaret M. Daughter 13 Scholar Castle Bolton
ROBINSON Henry Son 10 Scholar Downholme
ROBINSON John Lion Son 7 Scholar Castle Bolton
BELL Edward Servant, Unmarried 26 Farm Servant Walden
HARKER Sarah Servant 13 Dairymaid Thwaite
WILKINSON Thomas Servant 15 Carter Nappa Scar

Another son has been born to Nicholas and Mary, John Lunn Robinson, baptized 18 December 1853. Note that William Henry appears to be going by his middle name.

1871 Census

The only Robinson in 1871 and 1881 is Dinah, still at Castle Bank:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
HUTCHINSON Robert Head, Unmarried 50 Farmer 500 Acres employing 18 Labourers Reeth
ROBINSON Dinah Servant, Unmarried 48 Housekeeper Hunton
SHERLOCK Mark Nephew, Unmarried 24 Raby Park
(Blank) George Servant, Unmarried 22 Farm Servant Patrick Brompton
HODGSON Isaac Servant, Unmarried 15 Farm Servant Bellerby
BLACKBURN Sarah Servant, Unmarried 21 Servant Downholme
DINSDALE William Servant, Married 31 Shepherd Raydale

1881 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
HUTCHINSON Robert Head, Unmarried 61 Occupier of a Farm of 3,250 Acres Reeth
ROBINSON Dinah Housekeeper, Unmarried 56 Domestic Servant Hunton
ELGIE Cisley Housemaid, Unmarried 21 Domestic Servant Bedale
DINSDALE William Shepherd, Married 39 Domestic Servant Bainbridge
METCALF Edward Shepherd, Married 29 Domestic Servant Hawes
REEAS Alfred Ploughman, Unmarried 21 Domestic Servant Nirthend, ESS
HORNER Joseph Cowman, Unmarried 19 Domestic Servant Bolton, LAN

1891 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
THOMPSON Henry Head, Married 76 Farmer Bellerby
THOMPSON Ann Wife, Married 69 Redmire
ROBINSON Christopher Son in Law, Married 37 Farmer Preston
ROBINSON Elizabeth Daughter, Married 36 Redmire
ROBINSON Annie M. Granddaughter 14 West Witton
ROBINSON Eva Granddaughter 9 Scholar West Witton

Christopher Robinson was the son of Thomas Robinson and Ann, nee Willis.

He married Elizabeth Thompson, the daughter of Henry Thompson (above) by his 2nd wife, Mary Fawcett (the above Ann Thompson is his 4th wife). Elizabeth was baptized 4 June 1854 in Redmire. The baptisms of the children aren't known. Note that there is another younger child, Thomas, on the 1881 census of West Witton, aged 10 months. A subsequent child of this couple, Cecilia Robinson (named after Christopher's paternal grandmother, Cecilia Robinson, nee Bearpark), was born in Castle Bolton 24 January 1892 and baptized at the Redmire methodist chapel 14 February.

1901 Census

No Robinsons appear in the village in 1901.

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