1841 Census

Name Age Occupation Birthplace
HORSFIELD John 55 Miner Yks
HORSFIELD Elizabeth 55 Yks
HORSFIELD William 20 Yks

John Horsefield was born 15 April 1784, and baptized in Castle Bolton 20 June. He was a son of Ralph, and Ann, nee Plews. John married Elizabeth Lambert, 5 June 1813. (Eliz 1786)

John and Elizabeth had the following children:

  1. Ralph: baptized 12 December 1813, buried 6 March 1850
  2. Isaac: baptized 18 June 1815
  3. William: baptized 10 October 1819
  4. Ann: baptized 25 February 1821, buried 21 September 1840 (according to her parents headstone, Ann died 23 September 1844, an inscription which must have been written in 1850)
  5. John: baptized 27 September 1827

1851 Census

John Horsefield was buried in Redmire 5 September 1850 (although his headstone says he didn't die until the 6th), and his wife Elizabeth on 24 September of the same year (died 21 September). Their son Ralph had died shortly before, buried 6 March 1850. Their headstone reads:

In memory of John Horsfield of Castle Bolton who died 6 September 1850 aged 66. Of Elizabeth his wife who died 21 September 1850 aged 65. Of Ralph their son who died 3 March 1850 aged 37 and of Ann their daughter who died 23 September 1844 aged 20. Also William Horsfield who died 10 July 1866 aged 40.

Their son William now heads the only Horsefield household in the village:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
HORSEFIELD William Head 31 Leadminer Castle Bolton
HORSEFIELD Martha Wife 27 Kippax

William married Martha Peas, 28 October 1850 in Wensley. At the time, Martha was living at Bolton Hall, and was stated as being the daughter of John, a farmer. She was baptized 30 October 1825 in Kippax, daughter of John Pease and Anne.

1861 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
HORSEFIELD William Head 41 Leadminer Castle Bolton
HORSEFIELD Martha Wife 30 Hippax
HORSEFIELD Elizabeth Daughter 9 Scholar Castle Bolton
HORSEFIELD Mary Daughter 7 Castle Bolton
HORSEFIELD Ann Daughter 5 Castle Bolton
HORSEFIELD Susan Daughter 3 Castle Bolton

Martha has only aged 3 years since the last census, a miscalculation which is perpetuated in subsequent censuses (although her age at burial increases seven in the three years since her last census).

William and Martha's children shown above are:

  1. Elizabeth Ann: baptized 30 November 1851
  2. Mary: baptized 24 September 1854
  3. Nancy (Ann): baptized 7 October 1855
  4. Susannah (Susan): baptized 18 February 1858

1871 Census

William Horsefield died 10 July 1866 and was buried in Redmire 12 July, leaving Martha a widow:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
HORSFIELD Martha Head, Widow 41 Farmer Kippax
HORSFIELD John Son 9 Scholar Castle Bolton

William and Martha had two children since the last census:
  1. John: baptized 5 March 1862
  2. Thomas: baptized 29 August 1864; buried 17 April 1866

Presumably it is William and Martha's daughter Elizabeth Ann who appeared at the bastardy sessions 29 September 1871, as one Elizabeth Horsfield of Castle Bolton named Charles Hind, farm servant of Thirsk, case struck out.

Martha's daughter Susannah is still in the village, in service with the Fawcett family:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
FAWCETT Christopher Head, Married 45 Farmer 64 Acres Castle Bolton
FAWCETT Ann Wife, Married 36 Castle Bolton
FAWCETT John Son 15 Scholar Castle Bolton
FAWCETT James Son 14 Scholar Castle Bolton
FAWCETT Christopher Son 6 Scholar Castle Bolton
HORSFIELD Susanna Servant 13 General Servant Castle Bolton

1881 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
HORSFIELD Martha Head, Widow 50 Farmer 15 Acres Kippax
HORSFIELD John Son, Unmarried 19 Farm Labourer Castle Bolton
HORSFIELD William Grandson 9 Scholar Castle Bolton
WILSON James Boarder, Widower 58 Game Watcher Cumberland

William is an illegitimate son of Martha's daughter Elizabeth. He was baptized 16 December 1877.

1891 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
HORSEFIELD Martha Head, Widow 60 Farmer Kippax
HORSEFIELD Mary Daughter, Unmarried 32 Castle Bolton
HORSEFIELD Elizabeth Daughter, Unmarried 34 Castle Bolton
HORSEFIELD Margaret Granddaughter 8 Scholar Castle Bolton

Margaret is another illegitimate child of Elizabeth, baptized 7 November 1884.

1901 Census

Martha Horsefield, nee Pease, died in 1894 and was buried at Redmire 29 June. Her daughter Elizabeth is now head of the household:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
HORSFIELD Elizabeth Head, Unmarried 51 Farmer (Dairy) Castle Bolton
HORSFIELD William Son, Married 28 General Labourer Castle Bolton
HORSFIELD Mary E. Daughter in Law, Married 23 Bainbridge
HORSFIELD John Grandson 3 Castle Bolton

Elizabeth's son William has returned, after being at West Bolton (Carperby census) in 1891. He married Mary Nicholson (of Hawes at the marriage) on 21 November 1897. Their son John was baptized 8 April 1898.

Elizabeth's daughter Margaret is nearby, with the Lambert family:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
LAMBERT Robert Head, Married 40 Farmer Horsehouse
LAMBERT Jane Wife, Married 45 Redmire
LAMBERT Christopher H. Son 6 Castle Bolton
LAMBERT Robert H. Son 5 Castle Bolton
LAMBERT Wm. T. Son 2 Castle Bolton
HORN Alice Sister in Law, Unmarried 49 Redmire
HORSFIELD Margaret Servant, Unmarried 16 General Servant Castle Bolton

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