1871 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
HUTCHINSON Robert Head, Unmarried 50 Farmer 500 Acres employing 18 Labourers Reeth
ROBINSON Dinah Servant, Unmarried 48 Housekeeper Hunton
SHERLOCK Mark Nephew, Unmarried 24 Raby Park
(Blank) George Servant, Unmarried 22 Farm Servant Patrick Brompton
HODGSON Isaac Servant, Unmarried 15 Farm Servant Bellerby
BLACKBURN Sarah Servant, Unmarried 21 Servant Downholme
DINSDALE William Servant, Married 31 Shepherd Raydale

Isaac Hodgson is 7 on the 1861 census in Bellerby, so perhaps he has understated his age to get a job on the Hutchinson farm. By 1881, he is 27, a farm labourer working for William Spence at Barden.

Isaac was the son of James Hodgson and Mary.

1901 Census

Fred Hodgson appears at Castle Bank in 1901 on the Spensley farm:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
SPENSLEY Metcalfe Head, Married 56 Farmer Carperby
SPENSLEY Judith Wife, Married 52 Castle Bolton
HEBDEN Ethel Maid, Unmarried 24 Domestic Servant Scotton
PEARSON Amy Servant, Unmarried 17 Maid Constable Burton
SPENSLEY Ernest Nephew, Unmarried 22 Cowman Preston
TERRY Harry Servant, Unmarried 21 Second Cowman Ellingstring
PERCIVAL James Servant, Unmarried 23 Second Horseman Carperby
HODGSON Fred Servant, Unmarried 24 First Herdman Crakehall
WADDALL Matthew Learning Farmer, Unmarried 29 Learning Farming Student Scotland
MATTHEWS Joseph Learning Farmer, Unmarried 19 Learning Farming Student Scotland

Nothing is know of Fred.
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