1841 Census

Name Age Occupation Birthplace
HESLOP William 40 Farmer Yks
HESLOP Rebecca 40 Yks
HESLOP Sarah 14 Yks
HESLOP Christopher 6 Yks
HESLOP Alice 3 Yks

William Heslop was the illegitimate son of Sarah Heslop, baptized in Castle Bolton 31 July 1796. On 4 April 1820, he married Rebecca Clarkson.

William and Rebecca had six children, including those seen above:

  1. John: baptized 13 August 1820
  2. William: baptized 13 October 1822
  3. Jeremiah Richardson: baptized 23 January 1825
  4. Sarah: baptized 1 April 1827, buried 5 May 1847
  5. Christopher: baptized 15 March 1835
  6. Alice: baptized 2 July 1837

Two of William's uncles are farming at Low Bolton:

Name Age Occupation Birthplace
HESLOP John 55 Farmer Yks
HESLOP Jeremiah 55 Independent Yks
HESLOP Jeremiah 20 Yks
HESLOP Mary 15 Yks
HESLOP Mary 20 Female Servant Yks

John was born 10 November 1781, and baptized 8 December 1781, son of John Heslop and Mary, nee Richardson. The elder Jeremiah above is his brother, born 26 May 1786 and baptized 29 May.

The above John married Margaret Lambert on 2 December 1813 in Wensley, Margaret having recently died on 29 June 1839 and buried in Redmire on 1 July. John and Margaret had three children, including Jeremiah and Mary seen above:

  1. John: baptized 13 October 1814
  2. Jeremiah: baptized 9 May 1819
  3. Mary: baptized 30 June 1822

The Mary, servant aged about 20, is unknown.

1851 Census

First in 1851 is William. His wife Rebecca must have been elsewhere on census night, as she is still alive.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
HESLOP William Head 54 Farmer 4 Acres Castle Bolton
HESLOP Jeremiah Son, Unmarried 26 Leadminer Redmire
HESLOP Christopher Son 16 Leadminer Castle Bolton
HESLOP Alice Daughter 14 Castle Bolton

William and Rebecca's daughter Sarah died since the last census, buried in Redmire 5 May 1847.

The farm management at Low Bolton has passed to the next generation since 1841:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
ROBINSON Nicholas Head 35 Farmer employing 2 men, 3 women Redmire
ROBINSON Mary Wife 28 Low Bolton
ROBINSON Jane E. Daughter 6 Scholar Downholme
ROBINSON Margaret M. Daughter 3 Downholme
ROBINSON William H. Son 6m Low Bolton
HESLOP John Father in Law, Widower 69 Formerly Farmer, Joint Castle Bolton
HESLOP Jeremiah Uncle, Unmarried 64 Formerly Farmer, Joint Castle Bolton
LAMBERT Elizabeth Servant, Unmarried 17 House Servant Askrigg
STOCKDALE Mary Servant 14 House Servant Redmire

John's daughter, Mary Heslop, married Nicholas Robinson 10 February 1843 in Wensley. They clearly spent their early married years in Downholme, and recently returned to Low Bolton as John and Jeremiah retired. Mary's brother Jeremiah died 24 January 1847, buried in Redmire on 27 January, perhaps the event causing Mary's return home.

Neither John or Jeremiah make further appearances on the Castle Bolton census. John died 10 December 1852, buried in Redmire on 12 December. Jeremiah is living in Redmire in 1861, lodging with a Dinsdale family. He died shortly thereafter, buried in Redmire 11 January 1862.

1861 Census

William and Rebecca's son John heads the only Heslop family in the village in 1861, having spent 1851 in Redmire:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
HESLOP John Head 40 Leadminer Redmire
HESLOP Mary Wife 40 Richmond
HESLOP Sarah Daughter 10 Scholar Redmire
HESLOP George Son 8 Scholar Redmire
HESLOP John Son 5 Scholar Castle Bolton
HESLOP William Son 5 Scholar Castle Bolton

John married Mary Todd in December 1849 (banns read in Bolton cum Redmire). Their children are:
  1. Sarah: baptized 25 August 1850
  2. George: baptized 27 February 1853
  3. John: baptized 29 July 1855
  4. William: baptized 29 July 1855

By 1881, Mary (then widowed) is living with twins John and William (both unmarried) at 20 Union Street in Bury, Lancashire.

1871 Census

After being in Redmire, with married daughter Alice, in 1861, Rebecca, widow of William, has returned:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
HESLOP Rebecca Head, Widow 76 Farmer Middlesmoor

This is the last time we see Rebecca--she was buried in Redmire 10 April 1873.

1881 Census

William and Rebecca's son Jeremiah heads the sole Heslop household in 1881:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
HESLOP Jeremiah Head, Married 56 Shepherd Redmire
HESLOP Margaret Wife, Married 60 Redmire
HESLOP Jeremiah Son, Unmarried 17 Redmire

Jeremiah Richardson Heslop was last seen in the village in 1851. In February 1852, he married Margaret Dinsdale, daughter of James Dinsdale and Alice Pickersgill, Margaret having been baptized in Redmire 4 March 1821. Together they had four children, including Jeremiah Jr. above:
  1. James: baptized 25 September 1853
  2. William: baptized 21 September 1856
  3. Rebecca: baptized 26 September 1858
  4. Jeremiah Richardson: baptized 31 May 1863

1891 Census

Heslops are farming at Low Bolton again in 1891:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
HESLOP John William Head, Married 33 Farmer Wensley
HESLOP Dora Wife, Married 26 Kirkby Ravensworth
HESLOP Jane M. Daughter 2mo Castle Bolton
DIMMOCK Annie Servant, Unmarried 14 General Servant Domestic Kirkby Ravensworth
DINSDALE Thomas Servant, Unmarried 18 Farm Servant Redmire

John William Heslop was baptized in Wensley 30 August 1857, son of William Heslop and Mary, nee Yeoman. These are distant relatives of the Heslop families we have already seen--John William's grandfather, Jonathan Heslop, was born in Garriston (Hauxwell parish) in 1775. John and Jeremiah, the eldest Heslops seen in 1841, were descended from a Jonathan Heslop, farmer of Garriston, who would have been born about 1720.

John married Dora Bainbridge 20 October 1889, Dora being the daughter of Thomas Bainbridge and Jane. In 1881, Dora is living with her parents and many siblings at Marrick Abbey.

John and Dora's first child, Jane Yeoman Heslop, was baptized in the Redmire methodist chapel, 19 February 1891 (born 24 January).

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
HESLOP Margaret Head, Widow 70 Farmer Redmire
HESLOP William Son, Unmarried 34 Shepherd Redmire
HESLOP Jeremiah R. Son, Unmarried 27 Redmire

Margaret's husband, Jeremiah Richardson Heslop, was buried in Redmire 19 June 1889.

1901 Census

There are no Heslop families in the village in 1901.

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