Redmire Wills in the Richmondshire Wills Index

Transcribed at Leeds Archives, 1997

This list contains a partial extraction of wills in the Richmondshire wills index for the villages of Redmire and Castle Bolton. It is not a complete list by any measure, and definitely not so before 1710.

The original wills refered to here can be seen at the West Yorkshire Archive Service in Leeds. See their web page for details, including their postal service.

Ad18 Apr 1661BaggaleyRichiRedmar
W Inv30 Nov 1678BearpkeElizabethaeRidmer
W Inv20 Jan 1635BellJaneRidmer
W21 Feb 1660BladesDorothyRidmire
Ad Inv21 Feb 1660BlaidesGeorgeRedmar
W Inv21 Feb 1660BroadriggeGeorgeRidmire
W Inv5 Aug 1668ButterfieldDorotheaRidmer p Wensley
W +++5 Oct/Nov 1670BurnestonThomasRidmer
Testc 1670CalvertAnnaRidmer
W1833CalvertHenrySwann, Redmire
W Inv14 Dec 1667CalverteJacobiRidmer p Wensley
W17 Nov 1691CalvertJamesRidmer
W1856CalvertRev JohnRedmire
Inv26 Mar 1681CalvertJohnisRidmer
W Inv11 Aug 1688CalvertMargareteRidm
W Inv21 June 1679CalvertRobertiRidmer
W Inv26 July 1616CalvertRobertRedmire, p Wensley
W & A1766CalvertWilliamRedmire, Wensley
Inv10 Apr 1661CarterRadulpiRidmer
Inv11 July 1690CarterChristopheriRidmer
W Inv21 June 1673ChayterJohanesBolton
W Inv30 May 1678ChaytonAnneBolton, p Wensley
W Inv23 Nov 1622CooperMargarettBolton
W Inv26 Apr 1636CooplandJohnRedmer
W Inv13 Feb 1638Crauen(?)JohnRydmer
W1828DinsdaleWm (?)Castle Bolton
W Inv3 Aug 1678GaileJohnisRidmer
W Inv14 Dec 1612GaileMichelleRedmire
Inv?? Dec 1667HarlandMichaelRidmer
Ad21 July 1697HeadAlicieRedmire
Inv27 May 1676HeadJacobiRidmer
Inv20 Aug 1686JacksonHenriciRidmer
Inv10 May 1662LightfooteJacobiRidmar
W3 Feb 1646LightfooteMariceRidmere
W Inv25 June 1698MachellJohnisRidmere
W Inv1 Feb 1669NalsPhillidetRidmer
W Inv28 Nov 1693OiverRadi(?)Bolton Castle
W Inv9 Sep 1679OliverJohnisBolton (p Wensley)
Inv4 May 1674PlaceFrancisciRidmer
Inv11 Sept 1683PlaceHenriciRidmer
W Inv22 Sep 1618PlaceRalphRidmer
Inv5 Sep 1622RobinsonGeorgiRidmar
?24 Apr 1669RobinsonLeonardiRidmer
Inv29 Jun 1686RobinsonLeonardiRidmer
W Inv2 Aug 1690RobinsonWillmiRidmer
W10 Mar 1642SargisonMargretheRidmir
W Inv12 Apr 1690SerjesonGeorgeRedmer
W1817SlingerElizabethCastle Bolton
Inv24 Apr 1686SpenceLuciRidmer
A1828StoreyThomasCastle Bolton
W1833StoreyJohnCastle Bolton
W1850StoreyWilliamCastle Bolton
W1856StoreyHenryCastle Bolton
W Inv29 April 1669TaylorHenriciRidmire
Comp18 Jan 1612WaggettWillimRidmer
W Inv20 Jan 1635YarkerWilliRidmire
Inv28 Nov 1691YarkerLukeRidmer

Dave Stringer-Calvert