From "Schools Inquiry Commission" Vol. XVIII (Yorkshire)
Special Reports of Assistant Commissioners, and Digests of Information Received
Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majestry
London, 1869.
Redmire - Parish of Wensley
Mr J.G. Fitch's Report

This little school is altogether of a humble kind, and is in no sense a grammar school. It is held in premises which are not the property of the trustees, but are lent to them by Lord Bolton, the owner of the village. The schoolroom is miserably inadequate; nearly 100 children are in attendance, yet there is not comfortable room for 30, and the desks and fittings are of the clumsiest and most inconvenient kind. There were 73 children on the day of my visit, 41 boys and 32 girls. The master at my request dismissed the lowest class; and the remainder attempted, though with little success, to pass a humble examination in reading, writing, and arithmetic, and in scriptural knowledge. There is no provision for teaching sewing to the girls. The master receives the little endowment, and the children's pence. He seems diligent and hopeful, and is doing his best under great disadvantages, and without assistance. He does not hold a certificate. The school possesses no suitable books for teaching, and is disgracefully destitute of the necessary outbuildings.

In so far as the existence of this little endowment furnishes an excuse to the owners of property here for not supplying the village with a decent parochial school, it is a serious hindrance to the improvement of the people. Nothing is more likely to lower the tone of the entire village than the habits acquired by the children in the present crowded and unsuitable schoolroom.

(Ch. Com. Rep. vii. 708, A.D. 1822)

Foundation and Endowment.- By will of Rev. T. Baynes, dated in 1725, who devised lands in Over and Lower Bentham to rector of Wensley, in trust for this school, which were subsequently exchanged for farm at Crackpot in parish of Grinton.

School Property.- House with 11 acres of good land, and 38 of rough pasture. Rent: gross 24l. 10s.; net, 21l. School buildings very bad, 80 children being taught in a room hardly large enough for 25.

Objects of Trust.- Maintenance of school in Redmire for gratuitous instruction of children of persons receiving alms for subsistence (from necessity) in Redmire and Bolton in Wensley (Founder's will). School to be open to all sons of residents of townships of Redmire and Bolton, between ages of six and sixteen preferentially. (Scheme A.D. 1863.)

Subjects of Instruction prescribed.- English, Greek, Latin, writing, accounts, principles of the religion of the Church of England as by law established (Founder's will). Secular instruction to comprise reading, writing, spelling, English grammer, arithmetic, general history, and geography, and such subjects of useful knowledge as may be authorised by trustees. Religious instruction to be consonant with doctrines of Church of England. Children required to attend school and divine service on Sundays (Scheme).

Government and Masters.- Scheme established by Charity Commissioners 6th January 1863. Incumbents of Wensley and Bolton-cum-Redmire ex officio, and three other respectable residents in parish, or within seven miles of Wensley Church, trustees; three a quorum. Rector of Wensley, or in his absence senior trustee present, chairman with a casting vote.

Master appointed by trustees, who may remove him by resolution of meeting of four for reasonable cause, or with three months notice.

State of School in Second Half-year of 1864

General Character.- Mixed elementary school.

Masters.- One, receiving 21l. from endowment, and 30l. from subscription, besides school fee. He is assisted by his wife.

List of Trustees, &c. (1867.)
Right Hon. Lord Bolton, Bolton Hall, Bedale, Yorks.
Right Hon. and Rev. T.O. Powlett, Wensley Rectory, Bedale.
Rev. C.A.M. Pauli, Incumbent, Redmire, Bedale.
H.T. Robinson, Esq., Solicitor, Leyburn, Bedale.
Christopher Other, Esq., Bank, Elm House, Redmire.

Clerk to Trustees:
Rev. C.A.M. Pauli

William Pratt