18th Century Redmire News

Lloyd's Evening Post and British Chronicle
Monday, October 31, 1757

On Sunday se'nnight, at night, the Comet was seen at 
Redmire, near Richmond in Yorkshire:  it appeared very 
large; its course was towards the sun, and the tail but


Public Advertiser (London)
Thursday, November 3, 1757

Sunday se'nnight at Night the Comet was at Redmire, 
near Richmore in Yorkshire; its Course was towards
the Sun, and the Tail but small.


London Chronicle (Semi-Annual)
Tuesday, September 30, 1760

We hear that on the 22d inst., Mr. Richard Summers, of
Redmire in Yorkshire, and Supervisor of his Grace the 
Duke of Bolton's lead mines, was poisoned by drinking 
some ale.  He languished about a day and then died.


Gazetteer and New Daily Advertiser
Thursday, December 21, 1780

A smart shock of an earthquake was felt at Leyburn, near 
Richmond, in the County of York, and in the neighbourhood
adjoining, on Saturday the 9th inst. at half past four 
o'clock in the afternoon.  The generality of people felt 
themselves as though strongly lifted up by the wavelike 
motion of the arth, and presently set down again; and at 
the same time heard a noise over their heads, as if some 
heavy weight had fallen; wilst those in the chamber were
frighted, and apprehended the like accident had happened
below.  Some compared the rumbling with a kind of rushing
noise to thunder at a distance, others to a carriage or 
waggon passing by, and shaking their houses to the very 
foundation, with a sort of crakling in the joints of the 
timber, window frames, &c.  In several houses, things not 
firmly supported were thrown down; and at the village of
Redmire a barrel of gin was thrown off a shelf, and most
of the liquor split upon the floor.  The motion seemed
to be from West to East, and continued six or eight seconds
of time.  The atmosphere was very dark and gloomy for 
several days before, but remarkably calm for the time of 
year; the mercury in the barometer stood for several days
at the uncommon height of 30.6 inches.