Bolton Church Bell bidding farewell to the inhabitants

In 1845 a singular proposal was made to pull Redmire Church down, as well as the venerable one of Castle Bolton (St. Oswald's) and in their places to build a new church in the fields between the villages thus inflicting great inconvenience on the parishoners, and involving the desecration of Redmire Church yard. Happily the scheme was relinquished in the consequence of the determined opposition it met.....

Barker's "Three days in Wensleydale"

Copy of verses written by Tatem Fawcett of Castle Bolton who died about 78 years ago.

Many an age I here have hung,
Many a peal I here have rung,
And every Sabbath I loud did call,
Come in, come in, there's room for all.

For centuries past I've cried aloud,
Unto the gaying giddy crowd,
And every Sabbath I did call,
Come in, come in, there's room for all.

When Heslop he did preach aloud,
Unto the gaying giddy crowd,
And still the Sabbath they abused,
And true repentance they refused.

He tried his best his flock to save,
And lead them to true rest,
And though he now lies in his grave,
We hope he's truly blest.

Next Coulton he engaged the place,
But the salary was too small,
He left the place for better bread,
And long he did not call.

Then Tunstall to the rostreen took,
And showed unto his flock,
He preached aloud and cried "Come in,
To Christ, the living rock".

He feared no man while he did preach,
And still he cried to all,
Come unto Christ the living rock,
He shed his blood for all.

He's mouldering in you sacred place,
Where many hundreds rest,
May you my friends meet him above,
Where all are truly blest.

The next that did the pulpit take,
John Calvert is his name,
He preaches loud salvation free,
To save them from the flame.

For forty years he filled the place,
And all his neighbours round,
Agree in this, no man on earth,
More firm in faith is found.

May he stand ready for some place,
In your immortal throng,
Wonder and joy shall tune his heart,
And love command his tongue.

I bid you all a long farewell,
Within this solemn place,
They've pulled me down and I must lie,
In silent sad disgrace.

The fabric too in which I've hung,
Is doomed for to come down,
To build a new church as they say,
In Redmire village town.

Monoply has been the plan,
That I am quietly laid,
Six bells they say in the new church,
Are certain to be played.

A lecture room we are to have,
Within the Castle walls,
We hope they'll send an honest man,
To hold it free for all.

But if they fail to send that man,
They will not mourn at all,
For every Sabbath they have got,
Salvation preached for all.

My service still I offer free,
And so I loud will call,
Here is salvation preached here,
And it is free for all.