1841 Census

Despite Metcalfe being one of the most common dales names, 1841 sees only one Metcalfe family in Redmire:

Name Age Occupation Birthplace
METCALFE James 33 Coalminer Yks
METCALFE Alice 10 Yks
METCALFE James 8 Yks

1851 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
METCALFE James Head, Married 48 Leadminer Ashton, LAN
METCALFE Alice Wife, Married 48 Redmire
METCALFE James Son, Unmarried 19 Tailor West Witton

This family must be the same as that in 1841, ages appearing differently because of the rounding down in 1841. There's also the discrepancy of James' declaration of birth location, but such errors were fairly common in census returns.

James' wife had been Elizabeth. There is a burial record in the Redmire parish register of Elizabeth, aged 38, 8 August 1837.

James and Alice's children were:

  1. Alice: baptized 28 July 1828 (West Witton)
  2. Margaret: baptized 29 August 1830 (West Witton); buried 13 March 1831 (Redmire)
  3. James: baptized 22 January 1832 (West Witton)
  4. William: baptized 18 Mary 1834 (Redmire)
  5. Christopher: baptized 16 October 1836 (Redmire); buried 28 December 1839 aged 3

James Sr. had remarried at Wensley, 6 May 1846, to Alice Mason, a widow, daughter of Matthew Warriner, farmer of Redmire. James' father's name was Christopher.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
METCALFE Christopher Head, Married 35 Leadminer Redmire
METCALFE Jane Wife, Married 41 Preston
METCALFE Ann S. Daughter 12 Preston
METCALFE Jane Daughter 10 Darlington, DUR
METCALFE Joseph Son 8 Northallerton
METCALFE Emma Daughter 5 Leeds

Another Metcalfe family above appears at The Swan in 1851. Christopher. They had a son William, baptized 15 August 1850 in Redmire Methodist Chapel, but he lived only a few months, being buried 26 January 1851.

1861 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
METCALF Alice Wife, Married 58 Miner's Wife Redmire
MASON John Boarder, Unmarried 28 Wheel Maker Redmire

James must have been away from home on census night, because he did not die until 1865. John Mason was Alice's son from her first marriage.

Alice's step-son James was now married with a family of his own:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
METCALFE James Head, Married 29 Tailor, Draper West Witton
METCALFE Elizabeth Wife, Married 24 Castle Bolton
METCALFE Elizabeth Daughter 9m Castle Bolton

James had married Elizabeth Horn of Castle Bolton in 1860.

Another group of Metcalfe's are at Northgate Cottage:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
METCALF George Head, Married 22 Farm Labourer Askrigg
METCALF Edith Wife, Married 20 Castle Bolton

1871 Census

By 1871, John Mason is listed as son of Alice, confirming the above listing for 1861:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
METCALF Alice Head, Widow 69 Farmer Redmire
MASON John Son, Married 38 Wheel Maker Redmire

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
COATS Nathan Head, Widower 53 Leadminer Thorns, Swaledale
METCALFE Margaret Servant, Unmarried 46 Housekeeper Burtersett

Another stray Metcalfe has also appeared, in the person of Margaret, an unmarried 46 year old housekeeper to Nathan Coats, leadminer. Margaret is listed as born in Burtersett.

1881 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
METCALFE Margery Wife, Married 34 Farm Labourer's Wife Sedbusk
METCALFE John Son 10 Scholar Micklethwaite
METCALFE Elizabeth Daughter 8 Scholar Crossfields
METCALFE James Son 6 Scholar Appersett
METCALFE Margery Whaley Daughter 4 Appersett
METCALFE Mary Daughter 2 Appersett

Another Metcalfe family has arrived from `updale', and at Rose Cottage (more recently known as `Keeper's Cottage'), was a Metcalfe family whose head was from Coverdale:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
METCALFE Richard Head, Married 42 Farm Labourer Carlton
METCALFE Isabella Wife, Married 31 Redmire
METCALFE James McCombie Son 8 Scholar West Burton
METCALFE Richard Son 5 Scholar Redmire
METCALFE Elizabeth Daughter 3 Redmire
METCALFE Hannah Isabella Daughter 1 Redmire

Richard was born in Carlton on 28 July 1836 and died circa 1881. He was a woodcutter in Redmire, and married Isabella Hird, the daughter of Thomas Hird and Isabella Bearpark on 18 July 1870 at Aysgarth. His parents were Thomas Slinger Metcalfe and Elizabeth McCombie Walker. James McCombie is buried at Preston. Elizabeth, 1878-1965, married Joseph Hird (yes, Hird again) at a church in Nelson, LAN. He was a policeman in Barnsley and retired in 1928-1929 to Preson-under-Scar to a house opposite the old Memorial Hall, where he had a small holding of three fields. He died in 1937 and is buried in Preston-under-Scar.

Richard (Dick) above, was later to own a fruit shop in Leyburn and became father of Richard Metcalfe who owned `Combies' garage in Leyburn.

Yet another Metcalfe born outside Redmire arrived in 1881:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
METCALFE George Head, Married 42 Farm Labourer Askrigg
METCALFE Edith Wife, Married 41 Castle Bolton
METCALFE Sarah Daughter, Unmarried 17 Castle Bolton
METCALFE John Son 15 Castle Bolton
METCALFE Mary Jane Daughter 8 Scholar Castle Bolton
METCALFE Lydia Daughter 6 Scholar Castle Bolton

George was born 12 December 1838 at Quarry, Lunds, son of George and Mary (Wilkinson) Metcalfe. Father George was a carrier. He married Edith Horn, daughter of Thomas Horn and Elizabeth Peacock, on 28 November 1860 in Castle Bolton. Apart from the children listed above, there was another, Elizabeth and she married 3 September 1882, Thomas Henry Hayton at Redmire. In 1884, Sarah was to marry engineman William Harrison, in West Hartlepool.

Another child not shown on the census was son Thomas. Thomas was born in 1868 and died February 1870. Mary Jane, like the others, was born in Castle Bolton.

Descendents of this family still live in the village, though in 1901, George, Edith and Lydia appear in the Castle Bolton census.

1891 Census

In this year, Margery Metcalfe, daughter of John and Margery shown in 1881 was now age 14, and working as a domestic servant for James Robinson the blacksmith, at the smithy near the Bolton Arms.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
METCALFE George Head, Married 52 Gardener Castle Bolton
METCALFE Edith Wife, Married 51 Castle Bolton
METCALFE John Son, Unmarried 25 Coachman Castle Bolton
METCALFE Lydia Daughter, Unmarried 16 Castle Bolton

George and Edith were now living at Elm House Lodge, and both George and John would be working on the Elm House estate.

1901 Census

At Wood End Farm in 1901 was an Edmund Metcalf who only knew he was Yorkshire born, 15 years previously. Edmund was working for farmer William Stanger as cattleman:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
STANGER William Head, Married 63 Farmer NBL
STANGER Ann Wife, Married 55 Castle Bolton
STANGER William Son, Unmarried 21 Farmer's Son Preston
STANGER Elizabeth Daughter, Unmarried 32 Newcastle, NBL
METCALF Edmund Servant, Unmarried 15 Waiting on Cattle YKS

Nearby are Dora and Hannah:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
KING Henry J. Head, Married 74 Farmer, Employer West Witton
KING Elizabeth Wife, Married 70 Gayles
KING Alice B. Daughter, Unmarried 41 West Bolton
KING Mary E. Daughter, Unmarried 35 West Bolton
METCALFE Dora E. Servant, Unmarried 18 Cook (Domestic) Askrigg
METCALFE Hannah Servant, Unmarried 15 Housemaid (Domestic) Askrigg

Dora and Hannah were actually daughters of farmer James Metcalfe and his wife Margaret, of Woodhall near Askrigg. Henry King and family had moved from West Bolton, to Briar House in Redmire.
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