1881 Census

Elm House was the realm of four servants only on census night in 1881, among them Mary Ann Leyburn:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
LAMBERT Isabella Servant (Head), Widow 35 Cook (Domestic) Bainbridge
WILLIS Sarah Ann Servant, Unmarried 29 House Maid (Domestic) Horse Heath, CAM
LEYBURN Mary Ann Servant, Unmarried 18 Kitchen Maid (Domestic) Barnard Castle, DUR
CASS George Servant, Unmarried 20 Coachman (Domestic) Whitby

She also appears at No 44, Bainbridge, on census night as a visitor with Mary Cockburn and her brother George Arundale, both born Reeth.

But who she was is a mystery ...

©2004 David W.J. Stringer-Calvert, Christine Amsden, Larraine Williams