1841 Census


Name Age Occupation Birthplace
BATTY John 65 Farmer Yks
BATTY Elizabeth 65 Yks
BATTY John 30 Yks

The Swan is a farm near Redmire, and there were several Batty entries in the Redmire church records giving Swan as the residence around this time frame.

John (Senior) is the son of Michael, a miner of Apedale, by Elizabeth Naylor and was baptized in Castle Bolton on 19 June 1774. He married to Elizabeth Wood, 7 April 1801 in Redmire. Elizabeth was the daughter of George Wood and Mary Hutchinson, baptized in Redmire 18 November 1772.

There is a will for a John Batty, Yeoman of Redmire Yorkshire, 21 June 1838. It is not known who this person is, but he is likely to be part of this family.

John Batty (Junior) was baptized 4 March 1810, son of John and Elizabeth of Redmire. John and Elizabeth also had 3 daughters baptized in Redmire:

  1. Elizabeth: baptized 25 April 1802; married Christopher Nicholson 29 September 1824 Redmire (they are the parents of the two Nicholson children above, see the Nicholson chapter for details).
  2. Mary: baptized 2 January 1804; married Other Walker 30 August 1830 Redmire (see Walker chapter for details).
  3. Isabella: baptized 9 June 1808, died 9 April 1837, buried 11 April 1837 Redmire, aged 29 years.

John Batty (senior) died 5 Septemebr 1841 and was buried 7 September, aged 67 years. Elizabeth was buried 18 February 1845 at Redmire, aged 72 years.

1851 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
BATTY John Head 41 Leadminer Redmire
BATTY Mary Wife 36 Raydale
BATTY Isabella Daughter 8 Redmire
BATTY Alice Daughter 7 Redmire
BATTY Elizabeth Daughter 4 Redmire
BATTY John Son 2 Redmire
BATTY James Son 1 Redmire
NICHOLSON John Nephew, Unmarried 26 Leadminer Redmire

Shortly after the last census, John Batty married Mary Tate, banns being read in Redmire in October 1842. Until 1848, John was described as farmer in the parish register, and then as a miner in 1850. Their children were baptized in Redmire:
  1. Isabella: baptized 26 February 1843
  2. Alice: baptized 31 March 1844
  3. Elizabeth: baptized 22 November 1846
  4. John: baptized 20 August 1848
  5. James: baptized 19 May 1850

1861 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
BATTY John Head 51 Leadminer Redmire
BATTY Elizabeth Daughter 14 Redmire
BATTY John Son 12 Scholar Redmire
BATTY James Son 11 Scholar Redmire
BATTY William Son 9 Scholar Redmire
BATTY George Son 7 Scholar Redmire
BATTY Mary Daughter 5 Scholar Redmire
BATTY Emma Daughter 4 Redmire
BATTY Fredrick Son 1 Redmire
NICHOLSON John Boarder, Unmarried 37 Leadminer Redmire

Mary is away from home on census night, whereabouts unknown. Isabella, now 18 years old, has left home, whereabouts unknown. Elizabeth is buried the following year, 27 September 1862 aged 15 years.

More children were added to the family since the last census:

  1. William: baptized 28 March 1852
  2. George: baptized 21 August 1853
  3. Mary Ann: baptized 10 June 1855
  4. Emma: baptized 10 May 1857, died 11 March 1863, buried 14 March 1863
  5. Frederick: baptized 18 Dec 1859

Alice married William Lawson Metcalf, November 1867.

1871 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
BATTY John Head, Married 61 Leadminer Redmire
BATTY Mary Wife, Married 50 Stallion Busk
BATTY John Son, Unmarried 22 Labourer Redmire
BATTY William Son, Unmarried 19 Miner Redmire
BATTY George Son, Unmarried 17 Miner Redmire
BATTY Mary Ann Daughter 15 Scholar Redmire
BATTY Frederick Son 11 Scholar Redmire
BATTY Henry Son 6 Scholar Redmire

Mary's absence in 1861 was clearly temporary as she is again with her family. James, now 21 years old is absent, whereabouts unknown.

Another two children have been born:

  1. Jane: baptized 22 June 1862, died 31 December 1862, buried 2 January 1863
  2. Henry: baptized 12 June 1864

1881 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
BATTY Mary Head, Widow 60 Farmer 8 Acres Redmire
BATTY Frederic Son, Unmarried 21 Leadminer Redmire
BATTY Henry Son, Unmarried 16 Leadminer Redmire

John (Senior) died 23 May 1876, buried in Redmire 27 May 1876, and Mary is now farming 8 acres. Only the two youngest children remain at home. Four of John and Mary's children are to be found on the 1881 census index at Maningham (RG11/4466/57/13): Isabella (housekeeper), John (policeman), James (wool buyer) and George (gardener).

More Batty's are at North Gate Cottage:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
BATTY William Head, Married 25 Leadminer Redmire
BATTY Rebecca Wife, Married 25 Leadminer's Wife Redmire
BATTY Thomas Son 5m Redmire

William is the son of John and Mary (the age 25 is either enumerator error or a mistranscription). He married Rebecca, but no marriage can be found in the Redmire registers--there is a marriage June quarter of 1878 in the Leyburn registration district, between William Batty and Rebecca Brown which is probably this couple. Although the 1881 census gives Rebecca's birthplace as Redmire, both the 1891 and 1901 state she was born in West Witton. It is likely that the couple married there.

Their son, Thomas, was baptized in Redmire 2 January 1881.

1891 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
BATTY Mary Head, Widow 70 Farmer Stalling Busk
BATTY James Son, Unmarried 41 Wool Stapler Redmire
BATTY Henry Son, Unmarried 27 General Labourer Redmire

Mary is still farming. Her son Frederic, now 31, is absent, whereabouts unknown, and James has returned home.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
BATTY William Head, Married 39 General Labourer Redmire
BATTY Rebecca Wife, Married 35 West Witton
BATTY Thomas Son 10 Scholar Redmire
BATTY Mary Daughter 9 Scholar Redmire
BATTY Margaret Daughter 6 Scholar Redmire
BATTY John Son 5 Scholar Redmire

With leadmining in decline in Wensleydale, William has (as Henry above) become a general labourer. By the time of the 1901 census, he has taken his family to nearby Castle Bolton and is working as a farmer and shepherd. Their new children since 1881 are:
  1. Mary: baptized 9 April 1882
  2. Margaret: baptized 22 September 1884
  3. John: baptized 26 September 1886

1901 Census

Henry is the head of the only Batty household in 1901, living with his new family and elderly mother:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
BATTY Henry Head, Married 36 Farmer (Dairy) Redmire
BATTY Elizabeth A. Wife, Married 36 Redmire
BATTY Mary A. Daughter 6 Redmire
BATTY James Son 3 Redmire
BATTY Mary Mother, Widow 80 Stalling Busk

Henry married Elizabeth Ann Shields, 29 January 1893 in Redmire. Their first child, Alfred Sinclair Batty, baptized 2 July 1893, was buried 22 February 1898 aged 4 years. Their following children are:
  1. Mary Ann: baptized 1 July 1894
  2. Frederick: baptized 17 September 1896
  3. James: baptized 2 January 1898
  4. Harry: baptized 20 October 1901
Harry was born after the census, evidently. Frederick does not appear with his family in this census, but no burial record has been found in the Redmire register to indicate he died young.

John Batty, son of Mary, is now found in Bradford, still employed as a policeman, aged 52 years. Margaret, daughter of William and Rebecca, now aged 16 years is in Aysgarth working as a housemaid.

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