1841 Census

Mary Jackson is a servant to George Horn:

Name Age Occupation Birthplace
HORN George 40 Yeoman Yks
JACKSON Mary 35 F.Servant Yks

Mary was baptized 21 February 1803, the daughter of Thomas and Hannah. Nearby, Mary's mother Hannah, is living with other parts of the family:

Name Age Occupation Birthplace
JACKSON Hannah 70 Farmer Yks
JACKSON Elizabeth 35 Yks
JACKSON Hannah 9 Yks
TOMLIN Joseph 60 M. Servant Yks

Hannah was the widow of Thomas Jackson. Thomas was buried 12 September 1830, aged 59. He was baptized 12 September 1771, the son of Richard.

Elizabeth, the sister to nearby Mary, was baptized 28 September 1804. The young Hannah is an illegitimate daughter of Elizabeth's sister Mary, baptized 15 December 1831.

1851 Census

Young Hannah is living with her mother and step-father by 1851:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
HORN George Head 55 Proprietor of 27 acres Redmire
HORN Mary Wife 48 Redmire
HORN William Thomas Son 1m Redmire
JACKSON Hannah Daughter 19 Redmire

While Elizabeth and her mother are still nearby:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
JACKSON Elizabeth Head, Unmarried 44 Farmer 30 Acres Redmire
JACKSON Hannah Mother, Widow 87 Formerly Farmer's Wife North Field
BELL Matthew Servant 18 Farm Servant Walden

Hannah died shortly after the census, and was buried in Redmire 27 June 1851, inaccurately recorded in the register as being aged 85.

1861 Census

By 1861, only Elizabeth is left in Redmire.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
JACKSON Elizabeth Head, Unmarried 56 Farmer 30 Acres, employing 1 man Wensley
BELL Matthew Servant, Unmarried 28 Farm Servant Walden
HARKER Isabella Servant, Unmarried 14 Servant Castle Bolton

Elizabeth died shortly before the next census, and no Jacksons are seen after this in Redmire. She was buried 1 October 1870, her headstone reads "Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Jackson of Redmire who die 29 September 1870 aged 66 years [2 lines text]."
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