1851 Census

There was no Hird family recorded in Redmire in the 1841 census. The first arrivals were Thomas, his wife Isabella and family and in 1851 they are found living with Isabella’s father Henry Bearpark.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
BEARPARK Henry Head, Widower 76 Retired Farmer Redmire
HIRD Thomas Son in Law, Married 37 Leadminer Reeth Parish
HIRD Isabella Daughter, Married 39 Redmire
BEARPARK Hannah Grandaughter 12 Manchester, LAN
HIRD Henry Grandson 7 Scholar Reeth Parish
HIRD Dorothy Granddaughter 5 Reeth Parish
HIRD Mary Ann Granddaughter 3 Reeth Parish
HIRD Isabella Granddaughter 1 Redmire

Thomas married Isabella Bearpark, 30 November 1840 in Grinton. Isabella was baptized 22 September 1812 in Redmire, daughter of Henry (seen with them in the census, above) and Hannah, nee Peacock.

Although young Isabella was born in Redmire about 1850 there is no baptism for her.

1861 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
HIRD Thomas Head, Married 47 Leadminer Reeth
HIRD Isabella Wife, Married 49 Redmire
HIRD Jane Daughter, Unmarried 19 Redmire
HIRD Henry Son, Unmarried 17 Leadminer Reeth
HIRD Isabella Daughter 11 Scholar Redmire
HIRD William Son 8 Scholar Redmire
HIRD Bearpark Son 5 Scholar Redmire

We see here that there was an older daughter Jane who was not with the family in 1851 even though she would have been aged only 9 years. Her whereabouts in 1851 is unknown--possibly in Reeth living with her father’s family.

Dorothy now 15 years old, and Mary Ann now 13 years, are missing from the family. No burials are found for them in Redmire.

William was baptized 20 June 1853 at Redmire methodist chapel. Bearpark HIRD was baptized 20 Nov 1855 in the parish church, son of Thomas, a miner, and Isabella.

Isabella was buried in Redmire on 13 Nov 1864, aged 53yrs.

A Bastardy Bond, given at Leyburn, Januar 1865, Ann DAVY single woman of West Witton, Harry HIRD, miner of Redmire. This is probably the above Henry.

1871 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
HIRD Thomas Head, Widower 56 Leadminer Reeth
HIRD Mary Ann Daughter 23 Reeth
HIRD Thomas Grandson 3 Redmire

Thomas is now a widower and most of his children have left home. He was buried 2nd January 1872, aged 57. Thomas Arthur HIRD was baptized 22 March 1868 Redmire, and was the illegitimate son of Mary Ann. Mary Ann had another son, Frederick, baptized 17 Jun 1874 and her sister Isabella had an illegitimate son John baptized 22 Mar 1869.

Bastardy Bonds at Leyburn: 29 September 1871, Mary Ann HIRD of Redmire, Thomas HUNTER of Redmire, adjourned to 27 October.

Bearpark HIRD married Margaret Smithson of Adam Bottom (daughter of Joseph) at Aysgarth, 13 May 1876 and had two sons baptized in Redmire, though they apparently moved away from Redmire shortly after. Joseph 16 April 1878, aged 2yrs 9mths, Bearpark a labourer Thomas 14 March 1880, Bearpark a miner.

1881 Census

By this time there was only one HIRD remaining in Redmire and that is 9 year old Frederick, living with his grandmother:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
Catharine HUNTER Head, Widow 55 Wensley
Frederic HIRD Grandson 9 Leyburn

The rest of the family have moved to other areas: Bearpark HIRD and family are in Urswick, Lancashire and so are his brother, Henry Bearpark HIRD and family. Henry’s age is incorrect in the 1881 census index but it is likely that this is a mis-transcription. William HIRD is in Darlington with his wife. Thomas Arthur HIRD, aged 13 years is in Harmby

In the 1891 and 1901 census there are no HIRDs living in Redmire.

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