1851 Census

The first family we see in 1851 is headed by David Harker:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
HARKER David Head 46 Agricultural Labourer West Witton
HARKER Elizabeth Wife 35 Castle Bolton
HARKER Frances Daughter 12 West Witton
HARKER Elizabeth Daughter 7 West Witton
HARKER Isabel Daughter 4 West Witton

David is unknown. Hethird married Elizabeth Russell 16 May 1843 in West Witton, having previously been married to Jane Scott in 1830 and then to Jane Walker in 1835. The daughter Frances was baptized 15 August 1838 in West Witton, daughter by Jane nee Walker. David and Elizabeth's children are (baptisms in West Witton):
  1. Elizabeth: baptized 2 November 1843
  2. David: baptized 24 April 1845; buried 15 May 1845
  3. Isabella: baptized 15 November 1846
By 1861, David and Elizabeth were living in Castle Bolton.

Next is William Harker:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
MOORE James Head 37 Clog Maker Preston
MOORE Maria Wife 34 Preston
MOORE Simon Son 12 Reeth
MOORE William Son 7 Reeth
MOORE Joseph Son 1 Redmire
HARKER William Lodger, Unmarried 20 Lead Miner Thwaite
ALDERSON Anthony Lodger, Unmarried 20 Lead Miner Gunnerside

William Harker, bapt 16 Feb 1831 Muker son of Hen. and My.

1861 Census

A different Harker is in Redmire in 1861:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
JACKSON Elizabeth Head, Unmarried 56 Farmer 30 Acres, employing 1 man Wensley
BELL Matthew Servant, Unmarried 28 Farm Servant Walden
HARKER Isabella Servant, Unmarried 14 Servant Castle Bolton

Isabella is probably the Isabella, daughter of David Harker and Jane nee Russell. As her parents were living in Castle Bolton by this time, the birthplace is an easy mistake to make.

1871 Census

By 1871, one of David and Elizabeth Harker's sons is back in Redmire:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
RIDER Henry Head, Married 47 Farmer, Innkeeper Redmire
RIDER Anna wife, Married 38 Bolton Castle
RIDER Joseph Henry Son 2 Redmire
RIDER Christiana Mary Daughter 1 Redmire
WENSLEY Hannah Servant, Unmarried 20 General Servant Redmire
HARKER Robert Servant, Unmarried 17 Farm Servant Castle Bolton

Robert was born after his parent's were in Redmire in 1851, and is seen with them in Castle Bolton in 1861. He was baptized 24 September 1854.

1881 Census

In 1881, George Harker is living with his sister:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
PEACOCK Jane Head, Widowed 61 Shop Keeper Low Row
HARKER George Brother, Widowed 71 Retired Farmer Low Row

George was baptized 19 June 1809 in Low Row, the son of Simon Harker and Ann.
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