1841 Census

Margaret Grason was a servant at Elm House in 1841:

Name Age Occupation Birthplace
OTHER Christopher 30 Banker Yks
OTHER Ann 20 Yks
OTHER Ann 2m Yks
BRADBERRY Isabella 25 F.Servant Yks
? Ann A. 20 F.Servant Yks
LAWSON James 20 M.Servant Yks
BERRILLE Elizabeth 30 Independent Yks
BERRILLE Elizabeth 2 Yks
BERRILLE William 9m Yks
GRASON Margaret 15 F.Servant Yks

Although nothing is known for sure about Margaret, she may have belonged to the Grayson/Greyson family of Leyburn from the same period. Graysons remained in Leyburn until relatively recently.
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