1901 Census

One Cicely Cuthbert was in service at Elm House in 1901:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
BURRILL Charles J. Head, Married 54 Solicitor (Retired) Bedale
BURRILL Ann Wife, Married 52 Leyburn
FOSTER Alice Niece, Unmarried 24 Secunderabad, India
GILBERT Mary Ann Servant, Widow 54 Housekeeper (Domestic) Stafford, STS
CUTHBERT Cicely Servant, Unmarried 24 Cook (Domestic) Newton le Willows
BURNS Hannah Servant, Unmarried 22 Parlourmaid (Domestic) Thirlby
PERCIVAL Margaret Servant, Unmarried 22 Housemaid (Domestic) Redmire
STOREY Thomas Servant, Unmarried 14 Groom (Domestic) Redmire
BROOKS Mary Servant, Unmarried 38 Trained Sick Nurse Paddington, London

Cicely was the daughter of John Cuthbert and Elizabeth. She can be seen with her family at Newton-le-Willows in the 1881 census. Cicely subsequently married David Peacock, of the Castle Bolton stone mason family, 2 October 1904.
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