1841 Census

In 1841, the Coates family is represented by two young girls living alone:

Name Age Occupation Birthplace
COATES Jane 15 Independent Yks
COATES Elizabeth 12 Yks

Jane and Elizabeth were the children of John Coates and Jane, nee Horn. Jane was baptized 4 April 1824, and Elizabeth 9 November 1828.

1851 Census

By 1851, Jane was living with the Pattinson family:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
PATTINSON Ann Head, Widow 55 Farmer 8 Acres Redmire
PATTINSON Elizabeth Daughter 17 Redmire
COATES Jane Lodger, Unmarried 27 Redmire
COATES Joseph Lodger 5 Scholar Redmire

Joseph is Jane's illegitimate son, baptized in Redmire 27 September 1845.

1861 Census

By 1861, a Coates family from Swaledale were living at Hare Gill:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
COATES Nathan Head, Widower 43 Leadminer Thorns, Swaledale
COATES Alice Daughter, Unmarried 18 Angram
COATES Jane Daughter 14 Scholar Angram
COATES Nanny Daughter 12 Scholar Angram
COATES James Son 8 Scholar Redmire

Nathan was the son of James and Ann Coats, born 29 June 1816 and baptized at Keld Independent 4 August 1816. He first married Diana Alderson, 15 June 1839 at Auckland St. Andrew, DUR, and can be seen with his first wife and children on the 1851 census in Muker.

Nathan Coates subsequently married Ann Wensley in October 1852 (banns read in Redmire), Ann being the child of John Wensley and Rose, nee Close. Nathan and Ann had two children, one of whom survives on the above census:

  1. James: baptized (unknown)
  2. Mary: baptized 3 November 1856, buried 16 November 1856
Nathan is a widower by the census, though, as Ann died and was buried in Redmire, 23 February 1859.

Another Coates has moved in with the Peacock family:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
PEACOCK Thomas Head, Married 60 Butcher Leyburn
PEACOCK Isabella wife, Married 60 dressmaker Redmire
PEACOCK Isabella Daughter, Unmarried 17 Redmire
PEACOCK Henrietta Daughter, Unmarried 15 Redmire
COATES William s-in-law, Married 34 joiner Harmby
COATES Christiana Daughter, Married 27 dressmaker Redmire
COATES Henry T. Grandson 1 Redmire

William Coates married Christiana Horner Peacock (daughter of Thomas Peacock and Isabella Horner, seen above) in October 1859, banns read in Redmire. Their first child Henry Thomas Coates was baptized in Redmire 13 May 1860. Jane's son Joseph is now living with the very large Miller family. Ann Miller (nee Coates) is Joseph's aunt:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
MILLER William Head, Married 42 Stonemason Worton
MILLER Ann Wife, Married 39 Redmire
MILLER Jane Daughter, Unmarried 20 Thornton Rust
MILLER William Son 15 Leadminer Redmire
MILLER John Son 14 Stonemason Redmire
MILLER Henry Son 12 Scholar Redmire
MILLER Elizabeth Daughter 10 Scholar Redmire
MILLER Mary A. Daughter 8 Scholar Redmire
MILLER Hannah A. Daughter 5 Scholar Redmire
MILLER James Son 3 Redmire
MILLER Thomas Son 1 Redmire
COATES Joseph Boarder, Unmarried 15 Leadminer Redmire

1871 Census

By 1871, only Nathan is left in the village. This is the last time we see him, as Nathan was buried 12 May 1871.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
COATS Nathan Head, Widower 53 Leadminer Thorns, Swaledale
METCALFE Margaret Servant, Unmarried 46 Housekeeper Burtersett

1881 Census

A lone Coates appears in 1881, the last Smith in the Redmire returns:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
SMITH John Head, Married 38 Groom (Domestic) Thirsk
SMITH Henrietta Wife, Married 36 Groom's Wife Redmire
SMITH William Son, Unmarried 16 Leadminer Redmire
SMITH Mary Elizth. Daughter 11 Scholar Hauxwell
SMITH Leonard Homer Son 7 Scholar Redmire
SMITH George Edward Son 3 Redmire
COATS Mary Jane Nurse 16 Nurse Redmire

Mary Jane was baptized 4 October 1863, the child of William and Christiana.
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