1841 Census

In 1841, Ruth Calvert is a servant to the Lambert family. Ruth is the daughter of Alexander Calvert and Ann Storey (see below), and was baptized 4 April 1819 in Redmire.

Name Age Occupation Birthplace
LAMBERT John 60 Farmer Yks
LAMBERT William 25 School master Yks
ROBSON Elizabeth 35 Independent Yks
CALVERT Ruth 20 Servant Yks

Alexander Calvert was born in Middleton in Teesdale, the son of Henry Calvert (a mine agent) and Ruth Hunt. Henry and his family were enticed by the Bolton Estate to come to Redmire. Alexander married Ann Storey on 26 May 1812 in Redmire, and together they had nine children. In 1841, we see five still at home, plus Ruth above. The three elder children Henry, Mary and Peggy must have left the village.

Name Age Occupation Birthplace
CALVERT Alexander 45 Lead Miner Yks
CALVERT Ann 45 Yks
CALVERT Ann 15 Yks
CALVERT Robert 15 Yks
CALVERT Alexander 13 Yks
CALVERT Michael 9 Yks
CALVERT Margaret 5 Yks

Alexander and Ann's offspring were all baptised in Redmire:
  1. Henry: 3 January 1813
  2. Mary: 29 January 1815
  3. Peggy: 13 April 1817
  4. Ruth: 4 April 1819
  5. Ann: 10 February 1823
  6. Robert: 10 April 1825
  7. Alexander: 28 October 1827
  8. Michael: 25 March 1832
  9. Margaret: 24 January 1836

The last Calvert family in the 1841 census is the household of the Rev. John Calvert, perpetual curate of Redmire:

Name Age Occupation Birthplace
CALVERT Rev. J. 75 Clerk Yks
CALVERT Elizabeth 55 Yks
PARKINSON John 25 Independent Not Yks
CRADOCK Jane 20 Servant Yks

Rev. John was born on 12 September 1762, the son of William and Elizabeth Calvert, and was baptised on the 26th September. He was Cambridge educated (Sidney Sussex College), receiving his B.A. in 1788 and M.A. in 1791. His ordination as deacon took place in St. Paul's Cathedral in London on 21 December 1788, and he was ordained priest 11 October 1789 in York. He took the post of incumbent in Redmire in 1807 (having been the vicar of Foston on the Wolds from 1803).

The Elizabeth Calvert living here was baptized 14th February 1779 in Redmire, daughter of Elizabeth. Although we cannot be sure, this is possibly an illegitimate daughter of the Rev. John's sister Elizabeth, later the wife of James Stringer. The others living here are John Parkinson (the Rev. John's great-nephew, see *) and Jane Craddock (*).

1851 Census

Alexander Calvert had died in 1846, aged 54, and was buried in Redmire on 6 September 1846. In the 1851 census, we see his widow, children and grandchildren:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
CALVERT Ann Head (Widow) 58 Farmer 7 acres Redmire
CALVERT Robert Son 25 Lead Miner Redmire
CALVERT Alexander Son 23 Lead Miner Redmire
CALVERT Michael Son 19 Lead Miner Redmire
CALVERT Margaret Daughter 15 Redmire
CALVERT Henry Grandson 9 Scholar Redmire
CALVERT Jane Granddaughter 7 Scholar Redmire

Henry and Jane are the illegitimate children of Ann's daughter, Ann. They are listed in the Redmire registers with only a mother's name:
  1. Henry: baptized 12 June 1842
  2. Jane: baptized 8 June 1845

The Rev. John Calvert is still alive in 1851--he died on 14 February 1856 aged 93. Here, he is seen with his niece Dorothy :

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
CALVERT John Head (Unmarried) 88 Curate of Bolton-c-Redmire Redmire
PARKINSON Dorothy niece (Married) 66 Housekeeper Richmond
STOREY Mary Servant 18 House Servant Redmire
PARKINSON Alfred g-nephew 8 Scholar Ravensworth

1861 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
CALVERT Ann Head (Widow) 69 Redmire
CALVERT Michael Son, Unmarried 29 Lead Miner Redmire
CALVERT Henry Grandson, Unmarried 19 Lead Miner Redmire
CALVERT Jane Granddaughter, Unmarried 17 Redmire

Michael was up before the bastardy sessions in Leyburn in September 1864, for fathering a child by Sarah Binks of Castle Bolton--probably the Sarah Binks we see below. The child is Annie Binks, baptized 25 September 1864.

To complicate matters, by 1861 another Calvert family had moved to Redmire, living at the Bolton Arms:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
CALVERT Alexander Head, Married 46 Innkeeper, Farmer Muker
CALVERT Mary Wife, Married 44 Redmire
CALVERT Ann E. Daughter 7 Scholar Richmond
CALVERT Elizabeth Daughter 6 Scholar Redmire
CALVERT John Son 4 Redmire
BINKS Sarah Servant, Unmarried 22 House Servant Castle Bolton

This Alexander Calvert was the son of John and Ann, baptized 5 March 1815 at Muker. On 30 April 1850 in Wensley, he married Mary Wood, the daughter of Hutchinson Wood (a previous innkeeper of the Bolton Arms) and Christiana, nee Naylor. Mary was baptised on 10 November 1816 in Redmire. Their children are:
  1. Ann Christiana: baptism unknown
  2. Elizabeth: baptised 15 April 1855, Redmire
  3. John: baptised 26 April 1857, Redmire

1871 Census

By 1871, there is only one Calvert family left in the village--the new family that appeared in the 1861 census:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
CALVERT Alexander Head, Married 56 Innkeeper Muker
CALVERT Mary wife , Married 54 Redmire
CALVERT Ann Christiana Daughter, Unmarried 17 Richmond
CALVERT John Son 14 Scholar Redmire

1881 Census

In 1881, Alexander is still running the Bolton Arms, and has a large farm as well. His son John has also become a farmer:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
CALVERT Alexander Head, Married 66 Innkeeper, Farmer 77 Acres Muker
CALVERT Mary wife , Married 64 Redmire
CALVERT Ann Christiana Daughter , Unmarried 26 Richmond
CALVERT John Son, Unmarried 24 Farmer Redmire

Another Calvert has moved to the village, with his nephew:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
CALVERT Benjamin Head , Unmarried 27 Joiner Carlton
CALVERT Edward Nephew, Unmarried 15 Apprentice Draper Carlton

Benjamin was the son of William Calvert and Margaret, nee Ivinson. Edward must be the son of one of Benjamin's older brothers, probably John.

1891 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
CALVERT Benjamin Head , Married 36 Joiner Carlton
CALVERT Sarah wife , Married 34 Wensley
CALVERT William Son 9 Scholar Redmire
CALVERT Margaret Daughter 5 Scholar Redmire

On 8 May 1881, Benjamin Calvert married Sarah Bushby. Sarah was baptised 7 June 1857 in Wensley, the daughter of William Bushby and Sarah Ellen, nee Masterman. Their children were baptised in Redmire:
  1. William: baptised 19 April 1882, Redmire
  2. Margaret: baptised 21 September 1885, Redmire

1901 Census

Benjamin is still living in the village with his family in 1901, having added carpentry and wheelwright to his professional skills:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
CALVERT Benjamin Head, Married 46Joiner, Carpenter and WheelwrightCarlton
CALVERT Sarah Wife, Married43 Wensley
CALVERT William Son18 Redmire
CALVERT Margaret Daughter15 Redmire

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