1841 Census

A Berrille family is at Elm House in 1841:

Name Age Occupation Birthplace
OTHER Christopher 30 Banker Yks
OTHER Ann 20 Yks
OTHER Ann 2m Yks
BRADBERRY Isabella 25 F.Servant Yks
? Ann A. 20 F.Servant Yks
LAWSON James 20 M.Servant Yks
BERRILLE Elizabeth 30 Independent Yks
BERRILLE Elizabeth 2 Yks
BERRILLE William 9m Yks
GRASON Margaret 15 F.Servant Yks

Elizabeth Berrille, or more correctly Burrill, is Christopher Other's sister. She was baptized in Redmire 24 November 1805 as Elizabeth Alice Other, a daughter of Thomas Other and Jane, nee Lister. In the June quarter of 1838, she married William Burrill (Leyburn RD, 24 381).

1901 Census

By 1901, Charles J. Burrill had taken up residence at Elm House (in 1881, when practicing as a solicitor, he lived at Cotescue Park in Coverham cum Agglethorpe).

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
BURRILL Charles J. Head, Married 54 Solicitor (Retired) Bedale
BURRILL Ann Wife, Married 52 Leyburn
FOSTER Alice Niece, Unmarried 24 Secunderabad, India
GILBERT Mary Ann Servant, Widow 54 Housekeeper (Domestic) Stafford, STS
CUTHBERT Cicely Servant, Unmarried 24 Cook (Domestic) Newton le Willows
BURNS Hannah Servant, Unmarried 22 Parlourmaid (Domestic) Thirlby
PERCIVAL Margaret Servant, Unmarried 22 Housemaid (Domestic) Redmire
STOREY Thomas Servant, Unmarried 14 Groom (Domestic) Redmire
BROOKS Mary Servant, Unmarried 38 Trained Sick Nurse Paddington, London

Charles James Burrill was born 4 September 1846 (according to his casket in the Redmire churchyard). He was baptized 21 October 1846 in Bedale, the son of William and Elizabeth Alice Burrill (Elizabeth Alice we saw above on the 1841 census).

In the December quarter of 1873 (Leyburn registration district 9d 1122), he married Ann Robinson, the daughter of Henry Thomas Robinson and Elizabeth, nee Purchas. Ann had been baptized 4 June 1848 in Wensley. As an interesting aside, in 1871 Ann's father Henry was superintendent registrar for Leyburn, and attorney registrar of the county court. In 1851, in Leyburn, he is listed as an attorney at law, when his daughter Ann is 2 years old.

Ann died shortly after the census, and was buried in Redmire 1 May 1901. Her casket reads "In memory of Ann wife of Charles Jas Burrill of Elm House who died 27 April 1901 aged 52 years."

Charles, and a second wife Ada, are also buried in Redmire: "In memory of Charles Jas Burrill of Elm House, Redmire born 4 September 1846 died 24 November 1910." "In loving memory of Ada Mary second wife of Charles Jas Burrill of Elm House, Redmire, died 10 June 1931 aged 61 years."

Charles and Ann's son is also buried in Redmire: "In loving memory of William Robinson Burrill-Robinson of Elm House only son of Charles and Ann Burrill died 23 December 1962 aged 78 years." They also had a daughter, Elizabeth, born about 1876, seen with them in Coverham in the 1891 census at Cotescue Park.

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