1841 Census

John and Elizabeth are living with three of their grandchildren in 1841:

Name Age Occupation Birthplace
WILLIS John 70 Blacksmith Yks
WILLIS Elizabeth 75 Yks
ROBINSON John 29? Blacksmith Journeyman Yks
ROBINSON Elizabeth 15 Yks
ROBINSON James 14 Yks

John, Elizabeth and James are children of Charles Robinson and Dorothy, nee Willis, a daughter of John and Elizabeth above.

John Willis was the son of Christopher Willis, a shoemaker, and Dorothy, nee Rich. He was baptized in Redmire 30 March 1768, and married Elizabeth Harker, 30 July 1793. Elizabeth was the daughter of John Harker and Dorothy, nee Mason.

1851 Census

John WILLIS was buried 17 January 1847, Redmire, and his grandson James has taken over as head of the house, and the blacksmithing business:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
ROBINSON James Head, Unmarried 26 Blacksmith Redmire
ROBINSON William Brother 11 Scholar Redmire
WILLIS Elizabeth Grandmother, Widow 88 Pauper Castle Bolton
GILL Reid Brother-in-law, Married33 Lead Miner Pateley
GILL Elizabeth Sister, Married 29 Redmire

Elizabeth Willis was buried in Redmire 18 May 1855, aged 92 years.

1871 Census

There are no Willis' in Redmire in 1861. The next we see is Bessie, in service at Elm House in 1871:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
OTHER Christopher Head, Married 61 Banker, magistrate Redmire
OTHER Eliza Anne wife, Married 55 Middleham
OTHER Christopher Son, Unmarried 29 Redmire
STAINTHORPE Elizabeth Servant, Unmarried 20 Housemaid Baldersby
WILLIS Bessie Servant, Unmarried 23 Maid Preston
STOREY Mary Servant, Unmarried 19 Kitchenmaid Redmire
NELSON Thomas Servant, Unmarried 19 Groom, Coachman Dalton

Bessie is the daughter of James Willis, a blacksmith of Preston under Scar, by Elizabeth. She can be seen aged 3 on the Preston 1851 census with her parents.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
WILLIS John Head, Married 46 Mason Carperby
WILLIS Elizabeth M. Wife, Married 42 Annuitant Middleham
SHIELDS Thomas J. Stepson 16 Castle Bolton
SHIELDS Francis Stepson 14 Scholar Redmire
SHIELDS Mary Elizabeth Stepdaughter 11 Scholar Redmire
PARK Alice Servant 15 General Servant Redmire

John and Elizabeth married in Aysgarth, 15 June 1870 (Banns were published in Redmire May 1870), both having been married before: the children here are from Elizabeth's first marriage.

John was the son of John Willis, a farmer. Elizabeth was formerly the husband of John Shields, a plumber from Castle Bolton, who was buried in Redmire 1 August 1869 aged 39. She was the daughter of Thomas Thompson.

1881 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
LAMBERT Isabella Servant (Head), Widow 35 Cook (Domestic) Bainbridge
WILLIS Sarah Ann Servant, Unmarried 29 House Maid (Domestic) Horse Heath, CAM
LEYBURN Mary Ann Servant, Unmarried 18 Kitchen Maid (Domestic) Barnard Castle, DUR
CASS George Servant, Unmarried 20 Coachman (Domestic) Whitby

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