1841 Census

Only one Whitehead family ever appears on the Redmire census:

Name Age Occupation Birthplace
WHITEHEAD Thomas 40 Farmer Yks
WHITEHEAD Christopher 13 Yks
WHITEHEAD William 11 Yks
WHITEHEAD Margaret 8 Yks
WHITEHEAD Thomas 4 Yks
PEART Sarah 15 Servant Yks

Thomas and Jane were born in Muker (according to the 1851 census of Bainbridge), and their eldest child Christopher was born there. William and the three younger children were born in Askrigg, and baptisms have been found at Askrigg for:
  1. Margaret: baptized 26 May 1833
  2. Thomas: baptized 10 July 1836
  3. Eleanor: baptized 1 September 1839

Before leaving Redmire, Thomas and Jane had three more children baptized here:

  1. Alexander: baptized 26 June 1842
  2. John: baptized 12 January 1845
  3. James: baptized 17 April 1847

In 1851, they are living in Bainbridge at Scarr Top, with a further child Margaret, aged 1.

By 1881, the family has all moved West. Children William and John are farmers, living at Walsh Fold Farm in Bradshaw, Lancashire. Thomas is a butcher, living with his wife, children and new grandson in Halliwell, Lancashire. Alexander is a coal dealer, with wife and family living at 34 Chas Rupert Street in Little Bolton, Lancashire. And James, also married with a family is a provision dealer living at 67 Weston Street in Great Bolton, Lancashire.

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