1901 Census

The Stanger family was living at Wood End Farm in 1901:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
STANGER William Head, Married 63 Farmer NBL
STANGER Ann Wife, Married 55 Castle Bolton
STANGER William Son, Unmarried 21 Farmer's Son Preston
STANGER Elizabeth Daughter, Unmarried 32 Newcastle, NBL
METCALF Edmund Servant, Unmarried 15 Waiting on Cattle YKS

On the 1881 and 1891 census of Preston-under-Scar, William stated his place of birth as Knarsdale, Northumberland. William was brought to Preston by Lord Bolton because of his expertise as a lead smelter--he would be involved with the Keld Heads Mine. He married Ann Horn, the daughter of Jermiah Horn and Ann Waller in the Darlington district, in the December quarter of 1866 (GRO Reference December 1866, Darlington, 10a 22).

Their son William was born 13 September 1879 at Preston, and baptized in the methodist chapel 11 January 1880.

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