1861 Census

The Sarginson family only appear in the 1861 census of Redmire.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
SARGINSON Thomas Head, Married 37 Coachman Middleham
SARGINSON Ann Wife, Married 41 Askrigg
SARGINSON Elizabeth Daughter 13 Middleham
SARGINSON Anne Daughter 11 Scholar Middleham
SARGINSON Edward Son 9 Scholar Middleham
SARGINSON William T. Son 6 Scholar Middleham
SARGINSON John Son 4 Scholar Middleham
SARGINSON Mary Jane Daughter 4m Redmire

The parentage of Thomas is not known. He does not appear to belong to the Carperby/Aysgarth Sarginsons, and can be seen first on the 1841 census of Middleham as a horse breaker. Ann's parentage, and their marriage are also unknown.
  1. Mary Jane: baptized 30 September 1860
Thomas, Ann and a daughter Jemima appear on the 1881 census at Seymour Grover Northwood Cottage, Stretford in Lancashire. Jemima (aged 17) was born at Lymm, in Cheshire: being a coachman was evidently a well travelled career for Thomas.

Next, James is learning the shoe trade from Thomas Hunter:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
HUNTER Thomas Head, Married 38 Shoemaker Wensley
HUNTER Catharine Wife, Married 37 Wensley
HUNTER Ann Daughter 14 Redmire
HUNTER Thomas Son 12 Redmire
HUNTER Elizabeth Daughter 10 Redmire
HUNTER George Son 7 Redmire
SARGINSON James Apprentice, Unmarried 18 Shoemaker's Apprentice Carperby

James is the son of William Sarginson and Elizabeth, nee Horn, born in about 1843 in Carperby. His baptism, and whereabouts after 1861 are unknown, but he can be seen with his family on the 1851 Carperby census.
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