1841 Census

In 1841, Mary Raw is living with the family of her daughter Mary, and her husband William:

Name Age Occupation Birthplace
WARRINER William 55 Farmer Yks
WARRINER Mary 40 Yks
WARRINER William 15 Yks
WARRINER David 13 Yks
WARRINER Edward 11 Yks
WARRINER Joseph 9 Yks
WARRINER Roger 6 Yks
WARRINER Robert 3 Yks
RAW Mary 75 Independent not Yks

Mary was born Mary Taylor, the daughter of Joseph Taylor, farmer of West Auckland. She married Isaiah Raw, son of David. Isaiah and Mary had eight children:
  1. Sarah: born 30 January 1786, baptized 12 February 1786
  2. John: baptized 18 July 1790, buried 10 November 1807
  3. Joseph: baptized 28 October 1792, buried 22 August 1793
  4. Jane: baptized 27 July 1794, died 16 July 1824, buried 6 August 1824
  5. Mary: baptized 25 January 1797, died 27 March 1880 (Liverpool)
  6. Hannah: baptized 16 June 1799
  7. Nelly: baptized 9 May 1802
  8. Elizabeth: baptized 20 July 1806
Isaiah Raw died 12 June 1825, aged 65, and was buried in Redmire with his daughter Jane. Jane's metal-plated headstone describes her death `after a lingering illness borne with truly Christian fortitude and resignation to the will of her maker in the 30th year of her age.'

Another Raw family lives nearby, headed by David Raw, a shoemaker:

Name Age Occupation Birthplace
RAW David 50 Shoemaker Yks
RAW Ellen 50 Yks
RAW Ann 10 Yks

David Raw was born in 1790. On 24 March 1830, he married Eleanor Davison, daughter of Christopher Davison and Ann Naylor. Eleanor was baptized 3 March 1789 in Redmire.

Ann Raw was their only daughter, born 18 May 1831 and baptized in Redmire 19 June 1831.

1851 Census

There is only one Raw family in Redmire in 1851. David Raw had died on 4 January 1849, leaving his daughter Ann and widow Ellen:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
RAW Ellen Head, Widow 61 Farmer 8 acres Redmire
RAW Ann Daughter 19 Redmire

1861 Census

By 1861, David and Ellen's daughter Ann had married James Stringer-Calvert, and had a son, David Raw Stringer-Calvert, all now living with Ellen:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
RAW Ellen Head, Widow 70 Redmire
CALVERT James S. Son in law, Married 27 Lead Miner Redmire
CALVERT Ann S. Daughter, Married 28 Redmire
CALVERT David R.S. Grandson 3 Redmire
DAVISON Grace Sister, Unmarried 53 Redmire
PARKINSON Dorothy Lodger, Widow 79 Landed Proprietor Richmond

1871 Census

1871 is the last census showing Ellen Raw, as she died on 2 January 1872.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
RAW Ellen Head, Widow 82 Farmer Redmire
CALVERT James S. Son in Law, Married 38 Labourer Redmire
CALVERT Ann S. Daughter, Married 39 Redmire
CALVERT David R.S. Son 13 Scholar Redmire

1881 Census

A stray Raw is seen in the 1881 census:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
STOREY Frances Head, Widow 70 Farmer 8 Acres Kirby Fleetham
STOREY George Son, Married 29 Lead miner Redmire
STOREY Mary Son's wife, Married 27 Low Row
STOREY John Grandson 3 Redmire
STOREY Frances Granddaughter 2 Redmire
STOREY George Grandson 1m Redmire
RAW Margaret Visitor, Unmarried 34 Housekeeper Low Row

Margaret appears on the 1871 census in Low Row, giving her birthplace as Melbecks.
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