1881 Census

The Percival family first appears in 1881, evidently having moved to Redmire from Castle Bolton:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
PERCIVAL Joseph Head, Married 25 Platelayer N.E.R. Carperby
PERCIVAL Ann Wife, Married 29 Platelayer's Wife Castle Bolton
PERCIVAL Ralph P. Son 3 Castle Bolton
PERCIVAL Margaret M. Daughter 2 Redmire

Joseph's wife Ann is the illegitimate daughter of Phoebe Peacock, baptized 18 April 1853. Their children shown here are:
  1. Ralph Peacock: baptized 23 September 1877
  2. Margaret Mary: baptized 28 September 1879

1891 Census

By 1891, the surnames become confused, Joseph has died, Ann's mother has moved in and Margaret is listed by her middle name:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
PERCIVAL Ann Head, Widowed 37 Charwoman Castle Bolton
PEACOCK Ralph P. Son 13 Scholar Castle Bolton
PECIVAL Mary Daughter 12 Scholar Redmire
PERCIVAL Joseph Son 3 Redmire
PEACOCK Phoebe Mother, Unmarried 74 Castle Bolton

The new son Joseph was baptized 24 September 1888 in Redmire.

1901 Census

In 1901, Margaret Mary Percival, daughter of Joseph and Ann, was in service at Elm House:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
BURRILL Charles J. Head, Married 54 Solicitor (Retired) Bedale
BURRILL Ann Wife, Married 52 Leyburn
FOSTER Alice Niece, Unmarried 24 Secunderabad, India
GILBERT Mary Ann Servant, Widow 54 Housekeeper (Domestic) Stafford, STS
CUTHBERT Cicely Servant, Unmarried 24 Cook (Domestic) Newton le Willows
BURNS Hannah Servant, Unmarried 22 Parlourmaid (Domestic) Thirlby
PERCIVAL Margaret Servant, Unmarried 22 Housemaid (Domestic) Redmire
STOREY Thomas Servant, Unmarried 14 Groom (Domestic) Redmire
BROOKS Mary Servant, Unmarried 38 Trained Sick Nurse Paddington, London

Ann's other children are still at home, joined by a new daughter, Kate:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
PERCIVAL Ann Head, Widow 47 Laundress Wash Castle Bolton
PERCIVAL Ralph Son, Unmarried 23 General Farm Labourer Castle Bolton
PERCIVAL Joseph Son 12 Castle Bolton
PERCIVAL Kate Daughter 9 Castle Bolton

Kate is listed in the Redmire register as an illegitimate daughter of Ann. Her husband Joseph had died sometime shortly before their son Joseph was born. Kate was baptized 24 August 1885.

Ralph Peacock Percival died 4 March 1963 and is buried in Redmire: "In loving memory of Ralph Peacock Percival died 4 March 1963 aged 85 years."

His brother Joseph and family are also buried in Redmire: "In loving memory of Joseph Percival who died 20 January 1962 aged 74 years. Also Eleanor wife of the above who died 18 August 1966 aged 81 years and of their son Joseph who died 16 November 1985 aged 67 years. Also Margaret Eleanor born 12 January 1921 died 27 December 1921."

A new Percival family have also moved to the village:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
PERCIVAL John Head, Married 39 Platelayer (N.E.R.) Carperby
PERCIVAL Mary M. Wife, Married 30 Leyburn
PERCIVAL Francis Son Carperby
PERCIVAL William Son 6 Hawes
PERCIVAL Fredk Son 11m Carperby

John is the son of William and Jane. In 1881, John was a farm servant on the Willis family farm at East End House, Carperby, and in 1891 is living with his parents in Carperby, an agricultural labourer (unmarried).

John and Mary are buried in Redmire: "In loving memory of John Percival died 23 December 1933 aged 72 years. Also Mary Margaret beloved wife of the above died 14 Jun 1952 aged 81 years. Reunited."

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