1871 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
WALLER Thomas Head, Married 36 Farmer Burton
WALLER Sarah Wife, Married 23 Thoralby
WALLER Hannah Daughter 2 Redmire
WALLER Richard Son 3m Castle Bolton
FIRBY William Servant, Unmarried 18 Farm Servant Hunton
HORN Martha Servant, Unmarried 14 General Servant Castle Bolton

Thomas Waller was born 3 April 1834 in West Burton, and baptized 18 April 1834 in Aysgarth, son of Richard Waller and Nancy, nee Pachard. In May 1868 he married Sarah Mattison, daughter of Stephen Mattison and Margaret, born 25 December 1848 in Thoralby. Their first two children above are:
  1. Hannah: baptized 6 June 1869
  2. Richard: born 11 December 1870, baptized 28 May 1871

1881 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
WALLER Thomas Head, Married 47 Farmer 100 Acres Walden
WALLER Sarah Wife, Married 33 Thoralby
WALLER Hannah Daughter 12 Scholar Redmire
WALLER Richard Son 10 Scholar Low Bolton
WALLER John Edward Son 9 Scholar Low Bolton
WALLER William Son 8 Scholar Low Bolton
WALLER Thomas Son 6 Scholar Low Bolton
WALLER George Son 4 Low Bolton
HALL William Servant, Unmarried 21 Domestic Servant Downholme
BLADES Elizth. Servant, Unmarried 14 Domestic Servant Wensley

Thomas and Sarah's new children since 1871 are:
  1. John Edward: born 14 February 1872, baptized 26 May 1872
  2. William: baptized 21 September 1873
  3. Thomas: born 3 March 1875, baptized 17 October 1875
  4. George: baptized 5 November 1876

There is also another child to come, James, baptized 26 September 1886, who is seen in the village in 1901.

1901 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
WALLER Bryan Head, Married 38 Farmer Aysgarth
WALLER Mary Wife, Married 35 Durham
WALLER James Cousin, Unmarried 15 Servant (Ag. of Farm) Castle Bolton

Bryan Metcalfe Waller was baptized in Aysgarth 7 June 1864, son of John Waller and Ann, nee Willis. Bryan married Mary Jane Middlemiss, 14 March 1894 in Aysgarth. Mary was the daughter of Matthew, a shepherd, who was deceased by the time of her marriage.

James, youngest son of Thomas and Sarah is the 15 year old servant.

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