1841 Census

Name Age Occupation Birthplace
METCALF Debrah 50 Pauper Yks
METCALF Isabella 45 Independent
METCALF Isabella 15 Yks

Deborah Metcalfe was baptized 28 November 1790, daughter of James Metcalfe and Isabel, nee Redman. The elder Isabella above is Deborah's sister, baptized as Bella, 16 December 1792. The younger Isabella is Isabella's illegitimate daughter, baptized 11 February 1823 at Richmond.

Name Age Occupation Birthplace
HORN Mary 35 Female Servant Yks
METCALF William 30 Male Servant Yks
HALL Stephen 20 Male Servant Yks
HUNTER John 14 Male Servant Yks
RAW Robert 13 Male Servant Yks

Nothing is known of William.

1851 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
METCALFE Deborah Head, Unmarried 61 Formerly Agricultural Labourer Castle Bolton
LONSDALE Isabella Sister, Married 59 Formerly Agricultural Labourer Castle Bolton
METCALFE Isabella Daughter, Unmarried 26 Dressmaker Richmond

The enumerator has clearly interpreted "Sister's Daughter" narrowly here. The elder Isabella has married since the last census, to XXX.

1861 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
METCALF Deborah Head, Unmarried 72 Castle Bolton
LONSDALE Isabella Sister, Widow 70 Labourer Castle Bolton
LONGSTAFF Isabella Niece, Widow 37 Dressmaker Richmond

Both Isabella's are widows now. The younger Isabella married Thomas Langstaff, in June 1856. Their marriage was shortlived--he was buried in Redmire 9 May 1857, aged 42.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
HUTCHINSON Anthony Head, Widower 68 Farmer 3320 Acres employing 5 men, 1 boy Reeth
HUTCHINSON Robert Son, Unmarried 41 Reeth
DINSDALE Thomas Servant, Married 36 Shepherd Butersett
ROBINSON Dianah Servant, Unmarried 36 Housekeeper Hunton
ALDERSON Ann Servant, Unmarried 20 Dairymaid Reeth
WILKINSON John Servant, Unmarried 18 Ploughman Birmingham, Yks (?)
BURNETT John Servant, Unmarried 29 Shepherd Preston
METCALF Thomas Servant, Unmarried 14 Groom Downholme

Thomas Metcalfe, in service at the large Hutchinson farm, was the son of Leonard Metcalfe and Ann. He was baptized in Downholme 30 August 1846, and can be seen with his parents and siblings there in 1851. By 1881, Thomas has grown up to be a train driver, living at East Thickley, County Durham.

1871 Census

George and his new family have moved to the village from Northgate Cottage in Redmire:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
METCALFE George Head, Married 32 Agricultural Labourer Garsdale
METCALFE Edith Wife, Married 31 Castle Bolton
METCALFE Elizabeth Daughter 9 Scholar Redmire
METCALFE Sarah Daughter 7 Scholar Castle Bolton
METCALFE John Son 5 Scholar Castle Bolton

George was born 12 December 1838 at Lunds, son of George and Mary (nee Wilkinson) Metcalfe, and baptized there 31 March 1839. His father George was a carrier. In November 1860 (banns read in Bolton-cum-Redmire) he married Edith Horn, daughter of Thomas Horn and Betty (nee Peacock), Edith having been baptized 8 January 1840. By 1871, they have had four children including the three seen above:
  1. Elizabeth: baptized 2 February 1862
  2. Sarah: baptized 12 February 1865
  3. John: baptized 25 October 1868
  4. Thomas: baptized 25 October 1868, buried 9 February 1870

This Metcalfe family returned to Redmire by 1881.

1881 Census

In 1881, only two Metcalfes appear in the village as servants. Nothing is known of either of these individuals.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
McGREGOR Simon Head, Married 33 Railway Labourer SCT
McGREGOR Ann Wife, Married 24 Castle Bolton
McGREGOR William Son 4 Castle Bolton
McGREGOR Hugh Son 2 Castle Bolton
McGREGOR Joseph Son 1m Castle Bolton
METCALFE Ann Servant, Unmarried 25 Nurse Appersitte

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
HUTCHINSON Robert Head, Unmarried 61 Occupier of a Farm of 3,250 Acres Reeth
ROBINSON Dinah Housekeeper, Unmarried 56 Domestic Servant Hunton
ELGIE Cisley Housemaid, Unmarried 21 Domestic Servant Bedale
DINSDALE William Shepherd, Married 39 Domestic Servant Bainbridge
METCALF Edward Shepherd, Married 29 Domestic Servant Hawes
REEAS Alfred Ploughman, Unmarried 21 Domestic Servant Nirthend, ESS
HORNER Joseph Cowman, Unmarried 19 Domestic Servant Bolton, LAN

1891 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
METCALF James Head, Married 44 Agricultural Labourer Snaisholme
METCALF Margery Wife, Married 44 Marsett
METCALF Mary Daughter 12 Appersett
METCALF Jeffery Son 7 Scholar Redmire
METCALF Richard Son 5 Scholar Redmire
METCALF Annie H. Daughter 3 Castle Bolton
METCALF William G. Son 1 Castle Bolton

1901 Census

John Metcalfe, having been in Redmire in 1881 and 1891, has returned to the village with a new wife:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
METCALFE John Head, Married 35 Farmer, Own Account Castle Bolton
METCALFE Eunice Wife, Married 32 Whitby, Sands End

His wife is Eunice Mary Austin, whom he married in Redmire 3 July 1892. Eunice was the daughter of Thomas Austin and Jane (nee Shepherd), and can be seen with her parents and siblings at 21 Thompson Street in Middlesbrough in 1881. Her birthplace, Sandsend, is in the parish of Lythe, just outside Whitby.

They have had two children by now, both of whom died young:

  1. George: baptized 14 January 1893, died 11 January 1893, buried 20 January 1893 aged 8 months
  2. Eva Irene: died 29 September 1895

XXX - the above baptism of George must be a typo??

John's parents and sister have also returned to the village:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
METCALFE George Head, Married 62 Farmer (Dairy) Castle Bolton
METCALFE Edith Wife, Married 61 Castle Bolton
METCALFE Lydia Daughter, Unmarried 25 Castle Bolton

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