1841 Census

Name Age Occupation Birthplace
LAMBERT John 40 Miner Yks

John was baptized 12 February 1799, the son of Thomas Lambert and Ann, nee Prest.

Name Age Occupation Birthplace
LAMBERT Ann 45 Independent Yks
LAMBERT Ann 13 Yks
ROGERS Henry 60 Miner Yks
ROGERS Elizabeth 65 Yks
ROGERS John 35 Yks

The older Ann above was born Ann Horn, an illegitimate daughter of Peggy Horn of Redmire, baptized 26 June 1791, father unknown. On 20 October 1817, Ann married Matthew Lambert, son of John Lambert and Helen, nee Furnish. Matthew was baptized 20 February 1792, and buried in Redmire 29 March 1828 aged 36.

Matthew and Ann had eight children baptized, including the young Ann (Nancy) seen above:

  1. Ellen: baptized 30 April 1818, buried 9 May 1818
  2. Judith: baptized 30 May 1819
  3. Ellen: baptized 9 September 1821
  4. John: baptized 16 November 1823
  5. Elizabeth: baptized 7 December 1825
  6. Jeremiah: baptized 7 December 1825, buried 10 December 1825
  7. Mally: baptized 30 December 1827
  8. Nancy (Ann): baptized 21 September 1828

1851 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
LAMBERT Ann Head, Widow 60 Castle Bolton
LAMBERT Ann Daughter, Unmarried 23 Dressmaker Castle Bolton
LAMBERT Matthew Grandson 5 Scholar Castle Bolton
LAMBERT Mary Granddaughter 2 Castle Bolton
LAMBERT Jeremiah Grandson 1 Castle Bolton
HORN John Nephew, Unmarried 20 Leadminer West Burton

By 1851, young Ann is a dressmaker. This is the last time we see her mother on the census, as she was buried 3 May 1857 aged 66.

A case at the bastardy sessions, October 1855, is presumably Ann's daughter Ellen Lambert of Castle Bolton, who named Edmund Coates of Feetham, innkeeper as father, with no appearance.

John Lambert is still living nearby:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
LAMBERT John Head, Unmarried 52 Leadminer Castle Bolton
I'ANSON Nathan Nephew, Married 31 Agricultural Labourer Harmby
I'ANSON Ann Niece, Married 34 Castle Bolton
I'ANSON William Grandnephew 4 Love Lane
I'ANSON Mary Grandniece 2 Ripon
I'ANSON Margaret Grandniece 7m Castle Bolton

An Elizabeth Lambert is in service at Low Bolton:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
ROBINSON Nicholas Head 35 Farmer employing 2 men, 3 women Redmire
ROBINSON Mary Wife 28 Low Bolton
ROBINSON Jane E. Daughter 6 Scholar Downholme
ROBINSON Margaret M. Daughter 3 Downholme
ROBINSON William H. Son 6m Low Bolton
HESLOP John Father in Law, Widower 69 Formerly Farmer, Joint Castle Bolton
HESLOP Jeremiah Uncle, Unmarried 64 Formerly Farmer, Joint Castle Bolton
LAMBERT Elizabeth Servant, Unmarried 17 House Servant Askrigg
STOCKDALE Mary Servant 14 House Servant Redmire

Presumably this is the Elizabeth baptized at Askrigg, 9 June 1833, daughter of William and Elizabeth, although she does not appear with William's family on the 1841 census of Askrigg.

1861 Census

There is only one Lambert in the village in 1861:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
LAMBERT John Head, Unmarried 62 Receiving Alms, formerly lead 5 years March last
MASON George Lodger, Married 27 Miner Castle Bolton
MASON Dorothy Lodger's Wife, Married 29 Castle Bolton
MASON Catharine Lodger's Daughter 5 Castle Bolton
MASON Elizabeth Horn Lodger's Daughter 1 Castle Bolton
MASON Henry Brother, Unmarried 48 Landed Proprietor Castle Bolton
MASON Jane Sister, Unmarried 54 Proprietor of Houses Castle Bolton

John died in 1866, being buried in Redmire 8 December 1865. There are no Lamberts in the village in 1871 and 1881, although related families are to be found in Redmire during this period.

1891 Census

By 1891, two Lambert strays from Aysgarth parish are in service with the Spensley family:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
SPENSLEY Metcalfe Head, Married 46 Farmer Carperby (partialy deaf)
SPENSLEY Judith Wife, Married 42 Castle Bolton
HARDACRE Sabina Niece, Unmarried 20 Assistant Borders
STANGER Elizabeth Niece, Unmarried 22 Visitor Newcastle, NBL
MIDDLEMISS Alice Servant, Unmarried 20 General Servant Domestic Askrigg
WALKER Thomas Servant, Unmarried 42 General Servant Carperby
LAMBERT Thomas Servant, Unmarried 26 General Servant West Burton
LAMBERT Joseph Servant, Unmarried 22 General Servant Carperby
HANDLEY William Servant, Unmarried 15 General Servant Garsdale

Thomas was baptized 28 February 1864, son of Thomas Lambert and Mary. At the time of the baptism, Thomas Sr. was stated as a farmer, of Sorrelsykes.

Joseph was the son of Joseph and Sarah. His baptism hasn't been located, but is likely methodist, given that several of his siblings are to be found in the Aysgarth and Coverdale methodist registers.

1901 Census

Joseph, seen above in the 1891 census, has now married:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
LAMBERT Joseph Head, Married 32 Farmer Carperby
LAMBERT Mary Wife, Married 26 Redmire
LAMBERT James Son 4 Castle Bolton
LAMBERT Sarah E. Daughter 3 Castle Bolton

Joseph's new wife is Mary Storey, daughter of James and Hannah (see the Storey chapter for details). They have had two children:
  1. James: baptized 13 June 1897
  2. Sarah Ellen: baptized 9 March 1898

Joseph's brother Robert has moved to the village:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
LAMBERT Robert Head, Married 40 Farmer Horsehouse
LAMBERT Jane Wife, Married 45 Redmire
LAMBERT Christopher H. Son 6 Castle Bolton
LAMBERT Robert H. Son 5 Castle Bolton
LAMBERT Wm. T. Son 2 Castle Bolton
HORN Alice Sister in Law, Unmarried 49 Redmire
HORSFIELD Margaret Servant, Unmarried 16 General Servant Castle Bolton

Robert was born 7 October 1860, and baptized in the Coverdale methodist chapel 2 November 1860, to parents Joseph and Sarah. On 6 May 1894, he married Jane Horn, daughter of Christopher Horn and Jane, nee Mason, born and baptized 15 July 1855. They have had three children:
  1. Christopher Horn: baptized 30 December 1894
  2. Robert Henry: baptized 31 May 1896
  3. William Thomas: baptized 19 Jun 1898

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