1861 Census

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
DINSDALE Ann Head, Married 25 Fremington
DINSDALE Elizabeth Daughter 1 Fremington

Nothing is known of Ann, or her husband Thomas (Thomas is at Castle Bank on census night, see later).

Elizabeth was baptized in Castle Bolton, 7 April 1860, daughter of Thomas and Ann Dinsdale, Thomas being a shepherd. Thomas and Ann's next child was baptized 19 April 1865 as John. The church register notes the vicar was called up at 2.30 in the morning for the baptism. There is a burial entry for 1 year old John from Castle Bolton on 21 April 1865, presumably this next child.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
STOREY Ann Head, Widow 58 Farmer 13 Acres Castle Bolton
STOREY James Son, Unmarried 23 Castle Bolton
DINSDALE Ellen Servant, Unmarried 21 House Servant Swaledale

Nothing is known of Ellen.

Castle Bank

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
HUTCHINSON Anthony Head, Widower 68 Farmer 3320 Acres employing 5 men, 1 boy Reeth
HUTCHINSON Robert Son, Unmarried 41 Reeth
DINSDALE Thomas Servant, Married 36 Shepherd Butersett
ROBINSON Dianah Servant, Unmarried 36 Housekeeper Hunton
ALDERSON Ann Servant, Unmarried 20 Dairymaid Reeth
WILKINSON John Servant, Unmarried 18 Ploughman Birmingham, Yks (?)
BURNETT John Servant, Unmarried 29 Shepherd Preston
METCALF Thomas Servant, Unmarried 14 Groom Downholme

Thomas is the husband of Ann seen earlier.

1871 Census

Castle Bank

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
HUTCHINSON Robert Head, Unmarried 50 Farmer 500 Acres employing 18 Labourers Reeth
ROBINSON Dinah Servant, Unmarried 48 Housekeeper Hunton
SHERLOCK Mark Nephew, Unmarried 24 Raby Park
(Blank) George Servant, Unmarried 22 Farm Servant Patrick Brompton
HODGSON Isaac Servant, Unmarried 15 Farm Servant Bellerby
BLACKBURN Sarah Servant, Unmarried 21 Servant Downholme
DINSDALE William Servant, Married 31 Shepherd Raydale

The Hutchinsons clearly always hire a Dinsdale as their shepherd, this time William is in the role. As with Thomas and Ann in 1861, William is at Castle Bank while his family is in the village:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
DINSDALE Jane Wife, Married 33 Farm Labourer Thornton Rust
DINSDALE Agness Daughter 8 Askrigg
DINSDALE Simon Son 6 Scholar Thorsby
DINSDALE Owen Son 5 Scholar Thorsby
DINSDALE John Son 4 Scholar Thorsby
DINSDALE Thomas Son 1 Castle Bolton

Nothing is known about this family, except that son Owen was baptized twice. The first at Redmire Methodist 24 January 1866, then at Aysgarth Methodist 29 January 1866. Young Thomas was baptized in Castle Bolton church, 25 April 1870.

1881 Census

In 1881, William and Jane are still in the village, again William at work on census night:

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
HUTCHINSON Robert Head, Unmarried 61 Occupier of a Farm of 3,250 Acres Reeth
ROBINSON Dinah Housekeeper, Unmarried 56 Domestic Servant Hunton
ELGIE Cisley Housemaid, Unmarried 21 Domestic Servant Bedale
DINSDALE William Shepherd, Married 39 Domestic Servant Bainbridge
METCALF Edward Shepherd, Married 29 Domestic Servant Hawes
REEAS Alfred Ploughman, Unmarried 21 Domestic Servant Nirthend, ESS
HORNER Joseph Cowman, Unmarried 19 Domestic Servant Bolton, LAN

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
THOMPSON Henry Head, Married 66 Farmer Bellerby
THOMPSON Hannah Wife, Married 55 Middleham
DINSDALE Jane Wife, Married 42 Shepherd's Wife Thornton Rust
DINSDALE Thomas Son 11 Scholar Castle Bolton
DINSDALE Jane Daughter 9 Scholar Castle Bolton
DINSDALE Christopher Son 3 Castle Bolton
DINSDALE James William Son 2m Castle Bolton
DINSDALE Margaret Niece 7 Scholar High Abbotside

The new children of William and Jane were all baptized at the Castle Bolton church:
  1. James William: baptized 5 October 1873, buried 2 January 1878
  2. Jane: baptized 5 October 1873
  3. John: baptized 5 October 1873
  4. Christopher: baptized 30 June 1878
  5. James William: baptized 11 March 1881
James William's burial entry indicates he burnt to death.

Nothing is know of the niece, Margaret.

1891 Census

Low Bolton

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
HESLOP John William Head, Married 33 Farmer Wensley
HESLOP Dora Wife, Married 26 Kirkby Ravensworth
HESLOP Jane M. Daughter 2mo Castle Bolton
DIMMOCK Annie Servant, Unmarried 14 General Servant Domestic Kirkby Ravensworth
DINSDALE Thomas Servant, Unmarried 18 Farm Servant Redmire

Thomas Dinsdale was born 10 April 1872, and baptized at Redmire Methodist Chapel 28 October. He was the son of James Dinsdale and Ann, nee Heseltine.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birthplace
DINSDALE Philip Head, Married 35 Farmer Askrigg
DINSDALE Dora Wife, Married 35 Castle Bolton
DINSDALE Philip Son 10 Scholar Askrigg
DINSDALE Lavina Daughter 9 Scholar Askrigg
DINSDALE Elizabeth A. Daughter 8 Scholar Askrigg
DINSDALE William B. Son 4 Castle Bolton

Philip Dinsdale was baptized in Askrigg, 28 May 1854, the son of Philip Dinsdale and Elizabeth. In the June quarter of 1879 (Leyburn registration district, 9d 851) he married Dora Bell. Dora was baptized Dorothy, 17 June 1855 daughter of William and Elizabeth.

Their children are:

  1. Philip:
  2. Lavina:
  3. Elizabeth Alice: baptized 4 February 1883 (Castle Bolton)
  4. William Bell: baptized 9 April 1887 (Castle Bolton)

1901 Census

There are no Dinsdales in the village in 1901.

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